Insomnia since increasing Sinemet

I've not had any problems with sleeping since diagnosis just under 4 years ago.  However in May my nurse advised me to increase the dose of Sinemet from 62.5 mg x 4 to 125mg x 4 to help with fatigue although I haven't seen much difference.   Since then I've been struggling with sleep. I often find myself awake at 3.00 am or I awake after about an hour and then can't get back to sleep.  

I'm wondering if it's a coincidence or if the increased Sinemet could be the cause.  When I'm tired I feel edgy which prevents me getting to sleep,  its a vicious circle. 

Just wondering if anyone else has had similar experience. 

Hi Bluebarb

I've had sleep problems from the start, I do take sinemet now, but I haven't noticed any link. It seems to be really common with peewips to have erratic sleep patterns. I've been told that parky can turn your body clock upside down. Sometimes I get 2 sleeps at night with 2-3 hours awake in the middle, other times I have a siesta in the afternoon. Really important thing is not to get overly worried about it and try to find a pattern that will work for you.

good luck


Thanks Mosie,

It's really frustrating, when I never used to have a problem sleeping, but I guess that's the nature of Parkinsons.

As mentioned in another thread, I'm going to try changing my tablets a bit so that I have a smaller dose, but more often to see if that helps. 

I have had problems with insomnia for about 10 yrs now due to pain from my spine  and severe arthritis and have been given sleeping pills which really helped until I was diagnosed with PD 4 months ago. I started taking Sinemet and after two weeks was told to double my dose but since then I am lucky to get  3 hours sleep a night.

I am going back to see my neurologist on monday so I will mention this to him as am so tired al the time 

I saw a new neurologist 3 weeks ago, who said I was over medicated and increasing Sinemet isn't the way to treat tiredness, I'm gradually reducing back to 62.5 x 4, and I have been sleeping better. I have also been taking amitriptyline  20mg at night for about 3 years to help with discomfort/pain in my leg at night but he wants me to stop that as well to see if it helps my fatigue.  Just hoping that doesn't affect my sleeping. 

amitripyline helps you sleep ! taking sinemet before you go to bed is no good for you as it keeps your brain active " alert " making it hard to sleep have a look at your last meds time before you go to bed !


I've been on amitriptyline for a year too help with overnight pain and help me sleep, i started on a lower dose of 15 mg and im now on 25mg, i noticed for example if i took it mid evening 9pm+ then i'd drift off late too sleep 1 or 2 am, if i took it after dinner 7pm ish then i'd be alseep earlier and have a better nights sleep.

I still suffer from fatigue during the day though, that might be i'm trying too do something during the day too feel normal even if im not.

i take my amitripyline at bedtime with my sleeping tablet & also take sinemet slow release at night time aswell !

Thanks Gus, I've always taken my last Sinemet at 8.00 pm, but following recent posts,  including yours, about timing, I'm going to try taking  it earlier.  I'm a little apprehensive about stopping Amitriptyline in case it affects my sleeping but I guess I'll have to try.

8.00pm is fine if you go to bed about 10 ...10.30pm, do not  understand the whole amitripyline thing tho !

Neurologist  thinks Amitriptyline  might be contributing to the tiredness I've been having, though I'm not sure, its not sleepiness, more of a physical tiredness.  I guess I'll just have to try and see what happens. 

you can only but try ! cant see 20mg of amitripyline is the answer but your life is in there hands they no best  ! hope you get to the bottom of the problem, I'm on 75mg & sleeping tablet  but no one is the same !

I take duloxatine for pain in feet and legs and it works really well. I don't know if it has any effect on my deep patterns but I tend to sleep relatively well. Ask your GP about it. Cossy