Insomnia/ waking in night

would slow release madopar at night help sleep quality and stop waking at 2-3am feeling restless .

Hi Hugh.
I’ve just posted an update on my thread about poor sleep. I tagged you in so you can find it.
The short answer is, overnight slow release meds is helping me so it may be worth a chat with your PD medical team.

I’m having similar problems at the moment. I can’t sleep for more than 5 hours at a time. It’s got a little better over the last week, I’ve started taking my evening pramipexole a little earlier. I don’t know if the change is coincidental but might be worth trying but as always ask your PD nurse/neurologist for advice.

I assume you’ve looked at the copious amount of sleep hygiene advice that’s kicking around on the web as well.

Hi Podd & Hugh I have had PD now for 14 years and I can count on one hand how many decent nights that I have had, My nurse put me on madopar slow release 125mg has it done any good ? not sure i still only sleep for a few hours, To over come this if I am tried during the day I will go and have 5mins and it does me the world of good. The worst thing is when i first get to bed I just cannot get comfortable I toss and turn in the end I get up this is when i sleep on the sofa, next the only way i can tell you about it is like someone switches a light on and your brain goes into overdrive the way that I get around it is sleep when you are tried. It play hell with your social life though, IF I DO GET A FULL NIGHTS SLEEP YOU WILL HEAR ME SHOUT (I HAVE JUST GONE THOUGH THE NIGHT HURRAH!!) you will know as the UK will be shaking all over.

My suggestion: ’ Suck it and see’. We are all different, and all that matters is whether it works for you.