You’re welcome Tommy.

Afternoon all, while I have the impetus I’ve continued with my ‘home improvements’ (stick a detail sander in me hand & there’s no stopping me). Just stopped for a tea break & it’s looking likely it may be a very long one, like lasting till tomorrow morning lol

Best wishes to all.


It’s important you have a proper break so you can plan ahead besides nobody can work on an empty stomach treated myself to a denon cd player to compliment my amp and turntable house next door sold so if we get another nuicence neighbour ready to test how good gear is lol hope all is well with everyone
Pete and mam


Oh I do a lot of ‘planning’ Pete, that together with ‘pondering’ & ‘cogitating’ (it sometimes involves a noise that sounds a bit like snoring…). Nice one with the CD player, I’ve just mended a Denon, the belt that pulled the CD drawer back in had lost it’s elasticity, after a little research I discovered that a belt from an x box would work, costing the princely sum of £1.30, as opposed to the proper one which would have been about £16 from Germany (the CD player didn’t cost me that!).


This was the Denon I fixed, apparently a ‘pro’ machine that cost about £300 when new, owes me about £20 with new belt :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Roy funnily enough my denon was not working properly which is why I got new one after connecting new one sprayed sides and spindle of older one with wd40 seems rejuvenated still was always going to get one that pairs with amp one I sprayed has builtin amplifier trying to find photo for you


Always good to have a spare Pete, I have several :wink:


Hi just took one![


Quite like those half size units, very neat. Got a little Sansui CD player that lives next to my Yamaha av receiver under the telly, excuse the dust :slightly_smiling_face:


Good stuff guys ( jealous)
Has anyone heard from Babswood?

Tommy :pill::pill:


Went to Ronnie Scott’s once, a ‘big band’ was playing. I thought it’d be a bit like Glen Miller, quite accessible? There were about a dozen ‘musicians’ and it sounded like each of them was playing a different tune. Didn’t stay long, the only beer they had was Watney’s Red Barrel so that was another good reason to leave.


What’s Watneys ?
Is that the English version of
youngers tartan special?
Dishwater would be more


Some of that keg beer was dire, still is & as for that ‘real ale’ yuck, I’ll stick to Guinness thanks.


I’m still jealous
No alcohol for me for over 3 years.

I have a bit of trouble with jazz too.
I think I maybe mentally scarred by that woman that used to sing on pebble mill at one.
Showing my age now eh?

Sue’s brother in law loves jazz and even has a piano room
he is a fantastic self taught player though.
However his own brother Johnny hates jazz.


:sunglasses: :grinning:

I ‘get’ the likes of Dave Brubeck, Miles Davis, Chet Baker and the like, at least they play what can be recognised as a tune but the more esoteric stuff is just a noise.


I’ve remembered now
Cleo Laine.
Da da dap doo doo la la doobie doobie beedy beedy boodle lum.


If you forget the words just make 'em up, she was married to Johnny Dankworth?


Did that Johnny hate jazz?

I want you to turn back the clock.
Bring the wheels of time to a stop.:musical_note::musical_note::musical_note::musical_note:


No, he was living in a box (living in a cardboard box)


You’ve got me there Roy
I don’t know the connection between JHJ and LIAB.


nothing more than they were both 80’s bands