Eventually Tommy, the link you put up tries to send an email? This link takes you straight to the search results for your book -


And here’s me thinking a link was a sausage!
Cheers Roy
It’s not my book it’s @Hammondeggs.

Tommy :pill:


Hi babs really hope you get your eyes sorted ike me mam wishing you all the best mam has appointment for results of c t scan I got to see chiropractor if I can get appointment I am in agony with back and shoulder early night for me made so many mistakes hope you can read it I, m shattered regards to phil and allgang
Pete and mam


Morning Tommy and all musketeers won, t be around this morning as I have appointment with the solicitors long story bailiffs looking for a Tim Jones are convinced that it, s me they tried to force past me in November to take stuff to repay debt it was only when I pushed him back over the door and pulled my fist back that he backed off I got a letter last wk again threatening to gain entry so now I have to pay few hundred pounds to get rid of them will update you later regards to all
Pete and mam


Good luck Peter
I’m sure you’re solicitor will sort it all out.

Tommy :pill::pill:


Hello Pete, surely the onus is on them to prove you are Tim Jones rather than you to prove you’re not? It seems unfair that you’ve got to put your hands in your pocket to sort their mess out? Anyway hope you get it sorted.

Morning everyone else, you’ll all be happy to hear I’ll actually be wielding a roller/ a brush today. Just going to have some breakfast then the fun starts!


Hi Babswood
Hope all goes well tomorrow.
And get the results you want.

Kieth is ok and will be back when he has finished playing with his toy .LOL

Catch you later pal.
Tommy :pill::pill:


Hi Peter and Mam
Hope all went well today.
And you’re a step nearer a conclusion.

Regards to my favourite girl
Tommy :pill::pill::pill:


Hi everyone solicitor rang company and told them to back off they have wrong person he asked them to write to him to say we, ve been removed from list he is writing to them asking for them to compensate me can win costs back but not worth cot of taking it on he also will put in letter that any more contact and we, ll sue for harresment of disabled person Benn to chiropractor as well in agony now done fair bit of work on my back off to bed shortly hope you’re all OK Tommy your fav girl sends her regards
Pete and mam


Thanks favourite girl.
And tell your boy that he has my sympathy for the back pain
of which I understand only too well it’s a debilitating horrendous thing to deal with.

Hi Peter
Glad to hear that you are getting the thug situation under control.
You and Mam don’t need this ssshhhocking stuff .
You both have enough to deal with.
Does the chiropractor help with the pain?
I tried it once in 2001 and it didn’t work despite about 8 sessions and a good few quid but in the end only surgery did the trick as a lumbar disc had collapsed trapping the sciatic nerve.
If your pain extends down your leg to the foot and feels like it’s in the bone then that’s a likely sign of sciatica .

Any sign of numbness in the nether regions should not be ignored.
Also if your leg or foot feels numb or woolly if you know what I mean please see a GP.

Good luck mate
Tommy :pill::pill:


Hi Tommy, babs, Keith, Mrs T, Roy and Lesley just checking to see if all is OK with you all off to hospital with mam shortly for the results of the ct scan will let you know how it goes later did manage a few hours kip but really sore after work on my back yesterday should be fine by morning catch you later
Pete and mam


Hi Peter Tommy Roy and Mrs T. Hoping that you are all well.

Well that’s me stuck in the house for a good few weeks now.

This morning when I got up I went downstairs to have my cereal. I don’t know how I managed it but I missed the last step and went flying. I knew I had done my foot in. The minute that Phil helped me get up.

I have fractured the 4 main bones in my foot. I can tell you this it is very very sore. I have not to. Put any weight on my foot
. The trauma group at the hosp will look tomorrow morning at my xrays and ct scans and phone me to let me know if I need an operation.

Peter how did Mam get on today at hospital. I am hoping that you are also feeling better.


Oh my god never mind me we both wish you a speedy recovery and send our love and a big hug mam, s bowel seems clear but found some nodules on a lung report said nothing sinister in their opinion but is being referred to chest specialist incase they need to be scanned every 3/6 months I am still numb down left side with little swelling in left foot which goes when I put my foot up chance would be a fine thing hope you won, t need surgery I, m here if you want to chat about anything, anytime
Pete and mam YNWA


Hi Babswood
That’s a shock.
I hope the scan confirms that you need no operation.

Did you manage to get your Botox injections?
Loads of sympathy and a big virtual hug from me and sue.

Hope Phil is ok and is ready for the extra care you require
though I’m pretty confident he is!
Tommy X X :pill::pill:


Hi Peter and Mam
Good news about Mam
Give her a hug from me.

I hope your pain eases soon

Bad news for Babswood eh?

On a slightly lighter note .
At least we are all supporting each other.

Regards to my favourite girl
Tommy :pill::pill:


Mam says thanks both gutted for babs I, m off to anfield for a couple of hours big one tonight hope you and Sue are well I know Phil will cope as like us all he is a proper family man regards
Pete and mam


Evening all.

Sorry to hear about your tumble Babs, fingers crossed you don’t need an op x

Glad your Mum’s scan wasn’t too bad Pete & hope your back eases soon.

Tommy, how’s your back now?

Been quite active the last couple of days, decorating’s done & I’ve done my tip run, & feel all the better for it even slept quite well last night, got to think of something to do tomorrow.


Hi Roy
My back is not as painful as it was but I am on a lot of naikpillers . LOL
Seriously though I’ve got a DX scan on Saturday and I’ll know more after that.

I hope that you are doing a good professional job with the decorating.
Tommy :pill::pill:


Spent a lot of time on the prep, filling, sanding etc. Some of the cutting in was a little wobbly but I had a damp cloth standing by. I’m quite happy with the result.


Good man
And thanks for the proper website link as I was able to forward it to my sister in Jersey so much easier than it would have been for a luddite like myself.
Tommy :pill: