Good luck at the hospital Babs x

Morning Pete, Tommy, Keith & Mrs T.

Overdone it a little yesterday, day of rest today, maybe just a leisurely walk down to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription later on.


Good evening Babswood
I hope you’re hospital appointment went well.

I’ll bet you are tired.
Me and Soo got back from an appointment this week and we both slept for 4 hours.

Tommy :pill:


OMG everything is knacker-inducing…just taken socks off, that’s me. Simply can’t keep up with all the fishy tales. I know Valentine’s Day is a load of American crap…we should express our love for one another every day, but still wish hubby wasn’t quite so far away.
Sending big hugs to all Musketeers.


Thanks Mrs T for the hugs been a bit down what with mams health probs but should have answers on Tuesday with res from mam, s ct scan fish were to be something for me to keep busy and to relax on point of throwing in towel never usualyone to give up but reached point of o return sorry to all musketeers for not posting but am here if needed
Pete and mam


Morning all musketeers
It’s another beautiful day in Oxfordshire.

Peter please don’t give up on your hobby .
All the things that you consider going wrong can be looked at from another perspective.

Like a learning curve for instance.

Anyway you and Mam take care .
You know where I am my friends.
Tommy :pill::pill:


No don’t give up, fish are canny, they know shit. They know that you need someone who will listen and not interrupt. They will nod gently and wisely at your insane plans…………they are there for you.


Hi Tommy, babs, Keith, Mrs T, Roy and Lesley can, t believe what I am seeing female has just given birth to around 50 babies as fast as I clean filter the little buggers (trying to be polite) clog it up another letter from debt collectors looking for Tim Jones that, s why not been on been to solicitors mam is afraid I, m going to be arrested after last time they tried to force way in I politely told him back off or I, d knock him out got app Mon Monday am with solicitor mam gets ct res Tuesday hope everything is OK with you all
Pete and mam


Hi Tommy, babs, Keith, Mrs T, Roy and Lesley looks like not just me who has been busy 3 females been giving birth all night tank was full of hundreds of tiny babies pump filter had to stripit just so tired I, ve pulled the plug


Hi gang normal service is restored fish tank is now wrapped up in bubble wrap after almost 2full days of giving birth called it a day guess there was a few hundred tiny babies in tank I felt drained having to keep cleaning it so back to reading and music have a good day all
Pete and mam


Good morning Peter and Mam
Oh well never mind .
But since you mentioned reading .
Might I be so bold to suggest a wonderful piece of work by Sue Hammond .
It’s available online at Amazon.
Or alternatively at
The second suggestion being the most favourable as all profits go Parkinson’s UK. and the latter donates £1.00 more than the former.
I’m not for one minute promoting this book of poems because I happen to achieve my Andy Warhol 15 minutes of fame by having two of my most strikingly beautiful pieces of work included in this exceedingly wonderful example of the art form.

Oh no not me .
As you well know I am a notoriously discreet , avoid the limelight type of gentleman.

Sorry I digress .
I most certainly hope all the musketeers are well and having a wonderfully exuberant weekend .
Also I want you all to be confident that I shan’t allow this fame to direct me away from my friends on the forum.
And reassure you that your companionship is far more important to me than mere baubles and familiarity can ever possibly provide.

Oh just buy the bleeding book
It’s called all shook up

I’m so tired now.
Tommy :pill::pill:


Congratulations on being published Tommy (but seems to be a russian website?).

Hello Pete, shame about the fish but they did seem to cause you undue stress.

Babs, Mrs T & Keith, happy Sunday! I’m actually going to start the decorating today, just some light prep work.

Cheers all.


Sorry chaps
I’m such a buffoon

[email protected]

What am I like?
Hope that wasn’t a dodgy russian website Roy.

Tommy :pill:


Well done Tommy on your poems being published.

Can I have your autograph.!!!



Yeah Babswood
Here you go
Tommy tube.
I have the wrong address.


Hi Roy.

Hope you manage to make a start on your decorating.

When does Lesley get back from America?
You most certainly must be missing her.

I hope that she is still having a great time.

Babs… X


Hi Peter

Sorry to hear about you fishtank.

Hoping that Mam is OK is her hospital appt next week.
Tell her that I was asking after her.
My eyes have been absolutely terrible being closing all the time for most of the day.
That is why I have not been posting.
Apart from the fact that I feel I have nothing much to contribute to anything.boring eh?

Well I’m at hospital on Tuesday for botox so hoping that it works.



Hi Babswood
Only a couple more sleeps and then you will be fixed and back to normal eh?

I’ve got a DX scan on Saturday
Only problem is there are no hospital buses from Oxford train station at weekends.

So I’ll have to get a taxi /grump ,grump,grump.
And I’ll have to leave the house about 7am.
At least getting up early is not an issue for an insomniac.

I’m so tired now that I know as soon as my head hit’s the pillow tonight I’ll be wide awake
Tommy X :pill:


Well I will be thinking of you on Saturday and hope that you get on okay.
Have you heard much from Keith.

Hoping that Sue is doing well.
Babs x


Les lands on the 24th, next Sunday. I’ll give her a day or so to get over the trip before I see her but she copes with jet lag quite well.

I’ve filled some holes in where I took shelves down & because I had to slice open the pound shop tube of filler because the nozzle got blocked every crack in the house has been filled. May do a bit of sanding if I can’t find another distraction :wink:


Hi Roy
Did you get the proper website?
Come to think of it has spider Man got a website.?

Sorry I’m hopeless with the interweb thingy .
I’m always getting in trouble.
For example in Scotland dogging it is playing truant .
And a poke is a paper bag or ice cream cone.
But don’t try putting them into a search engine.!

Tommy :pill::pill: