Hi babs sorry so late getting back to you but ido have an excuse I, ve been all day cleaning out aquarium and plants etc been in garage all day when I slept down stairs looking after my father I used a folding camped and put a self inflatable mattress on it with sleeping bag that had l shaped zip Don, t know if this is any help all our love
Pete and mam


Morning all so much for forecast of nice weather wet and quite breezy here still another day hope you and Sue are well Tommy is it today or tomorrow you go for scan? Good luck incase I forget
Babs I hope you managed to get some sleep at least you have a first class carer in Phil wish I was close enough to help you out thanks for last night Roy guess Lesley is still away hope she’s enjoying Don, t know where Mrs T and Keith are but hope you’re both feeling well sorry made that sounds like you, ve run of together waiting for new lower table to come before I can fill tank
Regards to you all from Pete and mam


Morning all. Yes Pete, we busted out some good toons last night! Les is back on Sunday, looking forward to seeing her. Her daughter Chloee popped round for dinner last night, said she enjoyed my cooking more than her Mum’s…


Morning all musketeers
My scan is tomorrow Peter
Sounds like you and Roy had a late night .
Regards to my favourite girl.
And a special mention to Babswood and Phil I hope that things improve quickly.

Kieth can’t get on the forum at the moment as his password won’t work.
He has also ditched the electric bike for a 50 cc scooter.
And I’m sure Mrs t is keeping her eyes on us to make sure we behave.
Tommy :pill::pill::pill:


Morning Tommy good luck with the scan hope you and Sue are well will catch up with you later today
Hi babs hope your not too down mam and me thinking about you can’t believe the bad luck your having Don, t forget if you need to talk I, m here for you as are the rest of gang
Hi Roy last day of freedom anything special planned??
And to our quietest members of late Keith and Mrs T hope you are OK must stop making it look like your together or people will start talking
Waiting for argos to deliver new stand so I can restart the tank
Pete and mam YNWA


Cheers Peter
Just leaving to catch a train now.
Regards to my favourite girl
Tommy :pill:


At the moment I have the mother of all hangovers so not a lot. I met our mutual friend Keith for lunch at midday, he’s very well & has got himself a new petrol scooter. So had a Guinness or 3 with Keith (he was on coke) then after a brief wander round Romford I met some other friends for what turned out to be quite a night topped off with a nice curry in Chadwell Heath, got home just before 1.

And good morning everybody, hope you all have a good weekend. Right, time for some caffeine & a couple of paracetamols.


First off Babs am so very sorry. Please do not try anything which may further endanger. When I snapped my arm I slept on the couch for 17 weeks. I made a working environment surrounding me so that I felt safe and cosy. Could always grab stuff to keep warm etc.
Balance is the real bitch: it is so easy to lose confidence. You want my phone number, just ask.
A flask of GnT went down well too.
Love and hugs coming your way.

Have NAD everything. For those in the know.


Still reckon fish are in the know.


Happy Monday everyone

Sorry Mrs.T, not a clue, I’m obviously not ‘in the know’ (the only NAD I know is a hifi brand, I have one of their tuners somewhere. Stands for ‘New Acoustic Dimension’).


Mrs T thanks so much for your good wishes. I am hoping that I’m not disappointed when I go back to hospital Wednesday as I hoping that they say that I can now put my foot down.

I hope that you are doing well. Speak soon Babs x x x


Hi Roy Did Lesley get back home okay and I bet that she had a fantastic time.

Hoping that you are okay after all your DIY

Babs x x x


Hi Tommy how are you doing.?

A beautiful day here and I can’t get outside.

Moan moan moan that’s all I seem to do and probably why I’ve not been. On. The forum.

Babs x x x


Hi Babswood
It’s a lovely day here as well
I know how you feel.
And it’s even harder when you know that you are moaning but still can’t stop .

Still good luck for Wednesday.

I’ve just received my copy of the poetry book in the post and to my surprise I’ve got three poems published which is nice because I was under the impression I had two to go in it .

Take care
Thinking of you both
XX Tommy ,Sue and Sammy too :pill::pill::pill:


Hi Peter and Mam…

Hoping that this finds you both okay!!!

What’s been happening with you.?

Thank you to you and Mam for being there for me and all your messages.

Babsx x x


She did indeed thanks Babs x, she got back yesterday morning, haven’t seen her yet, my cousin & his wife stopped with me last night. I’m popping round to see her later & I survived the DIY, quite enjoyed it actually.

Best of luck for Wednesday, hope it’s good news x


Hi babs hope everything goes well for you on weds really nice to see you back on the forum been spending all my time on the tank cleaned it all bought a table for it which is lower than the original but it needed strengthening done that (hopefully )just finished sand on bottom got rid of grit i,m finished now so if you want me ANYTIME feel free you have my phone number as well regards to Phil from us both
Pete and mam YNWA


Hi Roy thanks for your good wishes. Will let you all know how I get on. Keep your fingers crossed that I’m allowed to put my foot Down.



Hi Peter thanks for the messages from. You and Mam.
Your tank looks amazing. Good luck with the fish this time!! :fish::fish::fish::tropical_fish::tropical_fish::tropical_fish:


will let you know what happens tomorrow at hospital. X


Thanks Tommy for your good wishes too. X

Also a big thanks to Sheila for. Messaging me.
Will share my. News tomorrow.

Here’s hoping it’s good.


Wishing you well ma wee cronie.

XX Tommy :pill: