Hi Peter and Mam
Hope all is good .
And your new fishes are up and ru … swimming.
Regards to my favourite girl
Tommy :pill::pill:


Hi hope you get good news you deserve it may be going for fish in the morning if Thurs or Friday if it, s tomorrow will reply ASAP good luck from mam regards to phil
Pete and mam


Hi Tommy no fish yet but will be getting some this week hopefully you and Sue are well will post pictures of new tank set up when I put some fish in
Pete and mam


Thanks Peter that would be great.
Have you seen my latest work
It’s not in the slightest bit funny in fact I was just venting off a bit of anger .
I feel better now even though I sound like a real leftie socialist.
I am a bit but not quite as far as this piece sounds.
It’s called A conspiracy theorist, not me.
Hope you like it but that’s not compulsory . LOL
Tommy :pill:


Just read it a man of many words and hidden talent


Very John Cooper Clarke
I thought .
However it’s out there now and I feel better for it because all the treatment of the poor and disabled really rips my knitting.


Hi all musketeers
It seems our accident prone member has succumbed again.
Kieth has been in hospital all weekend after an accident on his motorcycle.
He has some damage broken ribs that are impeding on his liver and lost a few more teeth as well as painful bruising to the face & body.
However Kieth being well Kieth really has signed himself out against hospital advice stating that there are people in casualty who need that bed.

Would you join me in wishing our entertaining accident prone member a speedy recovery.

And those of you who can please try to make contact with him and lend your support.
A very sad
Tommy :pill::pill:


Hi peter

Hope that you got some of your fish. Settled in.
That’s me able to put my heel down. But said I’ve not to be walking about. I have to. Sit with my foot up.
To go back on 05th april.said that I can go ahead with the op on my hand on the 15th April.
Regards to Mam.

Babs x


Well done Tommy on your poetry.

Hope that Sue is keeping well.

Babs x


Spoke to him yesterday Tommy, feel a little guilty as he was actually on his way back from meeting me. He seemed really well & in good spirits over lunch, hope this doesn’t set him back at all, he said he’s going to get his bike mended.


Hi Roy
No need to feel that way
I’m positive such thoughts have never entered his mind.

I hope too that he hasn’t been set back any.
He didn’t seem that way on the phone .
Quite jolly really.
Still I’m aware how easily things change for him.
We can but hope.
Tommy :pill::pill:


Good to hear you Don, t need surgery if I read it properly just Don, t rush things no fishing trip today my mate is going to phone me after football he knows my team is playing mam, s foot is at last easing only getting twinges anyway I, m here for you anytime as always mam sends her love and wishes you a speedy recovery
Pete and mam


Good news Babswood
Hope you have managed to get upstairs by now.

Sue is doing ok I think because she says she still loves me and I’ll settle for that .

Regards to Phil
XX Tommy


One step at a time Babs x (sorry, couldn’t resist), wishing you a speedy painless recovery x


Hi Peter and Mam
What time is the lfc game on
and I’ll tune in to radio Merseyside.
My doctor has made me an appointment for next week.
I’m intrigued to say the least.
Regards to my favourite girl.
Tommy :pill:


Hi kick off is 8.00 pm I get commentary on Lfc tv channel but no pictures mam thinks i,m sad looking at stand listening to match and mad ipay so much for football and can’t watch game i want to


Not mad
Just normal fan behaviour LOL

I tune in to any station on the internet and play it through a Bluetooth speaker
Catch up later
Tommy :pill:


So far so good eh
I would have liked to have seen the second goal

Game not on radio Merseyside
So I think I’m listening to the same channel as you LFC TV.
Beautifully Biased and brilliant

It did make me laugh when Jan Molby said the Watford player should be sent off because he used to play for Everton



Hi Tommy getting really nervous now 10 games to go think we may have to win them all match of day is on I think 10. 45 seen goals on sy app worth a look and one of Newcastle United last night hope you are both well sent apm to Keith May have been a bit harsh but I worry he will do some serious damage going for fish tomorrow hope I get it right this time
your fav girl and me YNWA


Good Mornimg all.

I hope you are all well. Managed to get up stairs last night to get to my bed. Had a brilliant sleep and enjoyed a shower this morning.

Now resting up. My friend coming down at lunch time… Can’t believe all the beautiful flowers I recd I love flowers.

Have a good day my friends. X x x Babsx