Hi Babswood
You sound in a fabulous mood

Which in turn makes us feel happy.

Enjoy your day and embrace that feeling because it’s well deserved.

And thank you to Phil who’s help cannot be quantified
except to say he’s your man and simply PHIL.

A much happier
Tommy and Sue and Sammy too XXX :pill:


Good news Babs! x


Hi Roy.
Thanks Roy for good wishes.

I was so gad to get to bed last night.
Yes I’m taking it very slowly. Hoping to get taken out this weekend before the cold and snow comes next week.(in my wheelchair)



Hi all musketeers
Peter hope you’re busy with the fish.
Roy glad you and Lesley are together again.
Babswood hope you get out soon before the bad weather returns .
Did you like the little doggie on the stairlift ?

Kieth hope you’re pain is easing.

Mrs t missing you madly!

Regards to my favourite girl
Tommy :pill::pill:


Hi Tommy, babs, Keith, Mrs T, Roy and Lesley seems like good news all round glad you are on the mend babs now have 6 cherry barbs in my tank took a wee while to settle as we went bit further away hoping to see 6 in the morning anyone heard from Keith? Regards to all from mam and me will take photo of tank once they are settled see no more assessments for pip pity eand s allowenceis not the same
Pete and mam


Thanks Tommy, it’s good to have her back. Her holiday was a little blighted by her son in law contracting pneumonia while they were away & she said the parks were really busy with queues up to three hours + it was expensive to eat (& I wasn’t there of course but she hasn’t mentioned that). Back to reality now & the house hunting (driving me batty about it, too many questions not enough answers…)


Oh you love it really!


Hmmm :wink: If I was getting as stressed as she is I’d tell the developer to poke his offer & stay put.


Morning all hope you are all well this morning all 6 cherry barbs are still here males seem camera shy but here are females


Morning everyone.

That looks great Pete, hope you have better luck with it this time.


Looking good Peter
Love it!

Regards to my favourite girl
Tommy :pill:


Hi Babswood hope you are well .
You haven’t repy to by forum or text

Just a little concerned.

I am aware that I smell somewhat but I wasn’t aware ii was so bad it could be detected through a phone.LOL

Anyway off for a shower ( no need for the applause) thank you.

Lazy Smelly Tommy :pill: :pill::pill:


All cleared and as fresh as a st David’s day daffodil

Handsome Tommy ha ha


I am so sorry Tommy. The picture of Sammy was great I had actually thought I had answered. Will you ever forgive me.

I have requested a couple of songs tomorrow night on radio parkie if you have a listen. Babsx x x


Hi Peter

It’s looking fab u lous.



Hi Babswood what time is it on?
Oh if I sent you a picture of Sammy it was a mistake because it should have been a pug type dog on a stairlift.

Hope all is good
Tommy :pill:


When I find out more I will let you know.


Ok you radio star.

I’m on the radio quite a bit myself talking to a fellow jock George Galloway and James Whale ( remember him ) so both ends of the political spectrum one socialist and the other in love with Margaret Thatcher.
But I don’t mind I respect them both and get a laugh .
Sometimes I send them texts and they don’t know it’s a joke until the last line.

Ian Lee was laughing at some bloke doing the naughty with a hoover.
So I texted him and said I don’t find that very funny as my brother has just been taken to hospital after doing the same with a Dyson and it caused terrible internal injuries.
I told him I had just been on the phone to the ward nurse and she said he was picking up nicely.
So he started to apologize then the penny dropped I don’t think he’ll let me on again . LOL
Tommy :pill:


Hi babs thanks for the positive comments got 3males and 3 females this morning was like a jackie Collins bonkbuster lol hope you still on the mend thanks also Tommy and Roy for comments regards to all from mam and me
Pete and mam


Hi the programme will be on from 8 till 10 and my 2 requests will be on at 9pm.