Cheers Babswood
I’ll be listening.

Tommy X X :pill:


Night everyone sweet dreams x x x


Nite nite x


Yar mornin musketeers
Thar be a storm a brewin out thar .

Tommy aaaarrr


Hi Sun is out here one female laid eggs one about to other one has 3males on her tail found what could be your fav fish called apistagrammas honestly hope everything is OK with you all what is parkie radio?


Morning Peter and Mam
Parkie radio station is available on your phone or computer .
All you have to do is Google it
no subscription .

I tried it the other night but it was pre recorded.

However apparently when it’s live you can phone in on health issues etc .

Also request a tune or two.

Regards to my favourite girl
Tommy :pill::pill:


Hi Peter

Tommy has got it spot on. Tonight is not pre recorded. I have put on a couple of requests to be played roughly about 9 pm if you listen in then. Babs x x x

P. S. regards to Mam hope that she is doing okay.
X x x


Peter I have tried it
Go to radioparkies 1 on Google
And then just press the red button.

Cheers Babs x x x


Thanks I, d never heard of it saying that I very rarely listen to my music on line hope you and Phil are well mam sends her regards was up all night can, t guarantee will beawake
Pete and mam


Hopefully you get a sleep tonight.

Babsx x x


To be honest only had around5/6 hrs sleep all week wish it was 5/6 hrs a night anybody heard from Keith?
Pete and mam


Looking lovely peter!


The fish tank I’m on about, I’m a bit behind…x


Thanks nice to hear from you it’s been a while just been putting the night light on have to switch from white to blue light bit by bit otherwise they take off zooming around the tank off to bed myself speak soon


Good morning all musketeers
Our dear friend Babswood
Gave us a special mention on parkie radio last night to the tune of Queen " It’s A Kind Of Magic"
Thank you Babswood.
Tommy X :pill:


Morning all echo Tommy’s words thanks babsback into routine fed my rebels (mam,s name for them) freshened wateer hope to add 4/5 lemon tetra mon or Tues finish off later with pair of dwarf gourami sorry to say will be missing from 4.15 to 6.15 pm you all know why
Pete and mam YNWA


Hi Tommy I thought you had missed the request last night. Was so glad that you heard it. I had actually never heard of parkie radio
Johnny played a lot of really good songs eh? Was a pity that Peter missed it.

What a beautiful poem you have written. Can’t quite believe it’s about me. I will copy it out and treasure it for the rest o f my life. Thanks so much.

Babsx. Yer wee Cronie. X


Good morning All and thank you to all who tuned in last night. A bit iffy to begin with due to some nervous tension. Thank you for your requests Babs and if anyone else would like requests & shout outs please let me know and I’ll be more than happy to do.

I like to air poems from people who have or share with some one this condition and if needed I can or get recited for you. I will start having guests on soon to chat about life and such with PD and will post details when I begin if anyone is interested. I’m also looking to start doing a quiz and again will post details.

There are DJ’s from all around the world on at various times through the day playing all types of genres of music. They have guest interviews with people from all aspects of PD, Health, Research, Caring & Living with. As Tommy mentioned you can phone in live on some shows but at moment I record guest features.

My presenter skills are shall we say enthusiastic but enjoy doing the show and welcome anyone contributing to it.


P.S. The music is always great.


No Babswood
Thank you for being well you really.
I’m glad you liked the poem.
As I’m still waiting for my first critic .
Still every artist has their critics and I can’t be one until I acquire a few HA HA.

it really made my day .

Tommy X


I was a first time listener last night.
But I definitely will be tuning in regularly.
The music was simply a great mixture
And the smartphone poem by Lynne fantastic and beautifully recited .

I have a few little poems on the forum three of which have been published in Sue Hammond’s book in aid of Parkinson’s UK “All Shook Up”
Maybe in the future you could have one or two recited for me as my Glasgow accent could be too fast to follow.
Although it would certainly take up less of your airtime .HA HA.
My poems range from funny but true to slightly left of centre politically speaking but equally true.

I thought you were a fabulous honest host.
Though I must admit I was expecting to hear scratching as you put your music on.
(Only joking) like you said yourself it’s allowed for us to be humorous with each other.

Thank god for the digital age eh?

Good luck going forward my friend.
Tommy :pill::pill: