Hi Muskerteers
Im back on air
Today is the first time in over 3 weeks ive been able to sign in
Still a bit banged up after accident but mending fast
Get my bike back tomorrow all repaired and looking like new once again
I have missed so many messages so if some can give me a run down on whats been happening. I wont have to spend hours reading and forgetting messages lol
I have missed you all but some of you i have been in private contact with.
So HELLO to to all old and new


Welcome back Bruv
I won’t give you the full rundown
But last night Babswood gave you a mention on the online radio station radio parkie .
The rest of us got a mention too.
(But who was first , you guessed it YOU).
still never mind eh!

It does however prove how much you have been missed

Good to see you back
Tommy :pill:


Thank you Tommy for your comments, I really appreciate them and glad you enjoyed the songs. I would enjoy airing one of your poems for my show this Saturday. I’m playing one of jules77 poems and can play another in show. If you would like to select one but Non political as station rules I can get it recited for you but i’m more than happy to play it been recited by yourself.

Apologies for the lack of scratching. The digital age solved that for me but created the issue of the screen looking like that old Atari game Pong using mouse and cursor, sent me dizzy.

Hi Keith, sorry to hear of your accident but glad you are having a speedy recovery now.



However you are overcoming the obstacles in front of you .
You are defeating them with courage my friend.

The only tech I own is my phone, no laptop and I never use that bookface thingy.

Anyway if you can manage to get a copy of my poem “peppermint gel” it’s on the forum I would be grateful if you could have someone recite it for me also it could help sell a few more copies for Parkinson’s UK.

I would do an MP3 if I knew what it was I’m afraid I’m a complete luddite.
I thought MP3 two extra bodies parachuted in to a very large constituency to lend a hand with the leaflets.

Tommy :pill:


Hi Keith

Nice to see you back on the forum and good to hear that you are mending after your accident. Did you read the poem that Oor Tommy wrote for me.
Along withe few lovely words that JP said about me last night onThe radioparkie. It actually brought tears to my eyes

Best wishes Babsx


Hi Tommy.
Hope your back is a bit better today?

I wanted to buy a copy of the poem book. So do I go online and buy it or buy it straight from parkinsons uk?


Hi Babswood
The quickest way to get the book is probably Amazon
But the only downside is they give £1.00 less to the charity
Although there are no rules to say that you can’t make up for that yourself by buying a bracelet or a t shirt later in the summer from the forum.
Tommy X


Hello Everyone, Here is a link to the RadioParkies show did last night. Lin’s poem is @ 16 mins after David Bowie - Modern Love and Babs requests are @ 1hr 10mins after Then Jerico - Big Area. I recommend listening to it all as some great tunes.

Thank you Babs & Tommy for the support : - ) You can also navigate to the other DJ’s shows from here



Evening all,

Thanks for the mention Babs x

I was subjected to a surprise birthday party last night, completely unexpected but very pleasant :slight_smile:


Hi Roy and Lesley belated birthday wishes from mam and me hope you had a good one big60? my turn day after boxing day remember it’s only a number (albeit a fairly big one lol) as you can see up early so going to have a cuppa and sort fish out before taking mam to town before going to bed found 3 baby fish just out of eggs hope they are still there catch you later morning Tommy, Keith, babs and Mrs T will be in touch with you all later
Pete and mam


Thanks Pete, my birthday’s actually today and yes I now have free bus travel :metal:

Oh & morning all.


okay morning all,
am in London for a week. Happy birthday Roy.
Babs what a trooper! So very proud of you and all that you have achieved with regards to your recuperation: it is long and hard and demands a certain head set of grit and determination.
Sometimes the little things seem harder to put up with, the big shit on the other hand is easier to handle. Maybe we all need a stretch on the couch to appreciate our bed.


Thank you Mrs.T, enjoy your week in London.

Off out to dinner tonight, I think I’m allowed a half litre carafe of the house Merlot!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROY​:gift::gift::gift::gift::gift::gift::tada::tada::tada::tada:
60. 60. 60. 60. :hotsprings::hotsprings::hotsprings::hotsprings::hotsprings::hotsprings:
Enjoy your meal tonight. :grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:


Well Mrs T enjoy your week in London. Hoping that the sun shines for you. :sunglasses:X


Good day Peter and Tommy.
Hope all good with you.

Tommy please let us know what doc has to say about your results.

Peter tell Mam I was asking how she was. X x x


Hi everyone
And happy birthday Roy
I hope you get well and truly spoilt today.
Peter sounds like you’re enjoying your hobby again
you will be a marine life expert soon
Mrs t enjoy your London trip
(Missing you already)
Kieth hope you avoided any mishaps .
Weekends seem to be your downfall ( no pun intended)

And Babswood I’ll be surprised if my GP doesn’t give you my results before me .LOL

Regards to my favourite girl
Tommy :pill:


Hi babs mam says thank you for asking about me and sends her love regards to Phil from us hopefully he is spoiling you off to town shortly will catch up with you later and find out how Tommy gets off
Pete and mam


Thanks Babs x just been to retrieve the present from my numpty cousin who’d sent it to the wrong address, thankfully they hadn’t drank it :wink:


Thanks Tommy.