Hi hope you are enjoying your birthday best wishes from
Pete and mam YNWA


Thanks Pete and mam. Had a lovely dinner last night

All over now for another year


Morning Tommy, babs, Keith, Mrs T, Roy and Lesley hope you are all well how, s the hangover Roy? ordered a copy of the book your poem’s are in well done on getting published from us both only thing I ever got published were letters in local paper against committee who ran our rugby club hope to get some fish later spent few hours last night saving eggs when they began eating them felt like the capt bird’s-eye man wishing you all a good day started chucking it down with rain here
Pete and mam


Well good day my friends. Hoping that you are all well.

Well Roy going by the pictures you had a brilliant birthday. So that’s a few of us now in. The 60"s
Club. PETER is the next one.

Happy days x x x


Hi Tommy do you see your gp today.?
Hoping all okay.

Babsx x x


Has he not called you yet?
No Babswood I see him on Thursday.

Tommy :pill::pill::pill:


Only had a couple of glasses of a very nice Merlot Pete, went for quality rather than quantity this time :wink:


It was excellent thanks Babs, Lesley had gone to so much trouble with the party/buffet/cake/keeping it all secret/nice meal out/a great present, made it very special :slight_smile:


Main prezzie, a 1:24 scale Routemaster


So it’s Thursday I know that I do go on. And on about certain things but it is only because I care. :thinking::thinking::thinking:X x x Babs


I know you do and thanks for caring.



Hi Roy

Is this what you collect?


We wouldn’t have to nag if people did as they were asked first time…
Just a thought.


I’ve got a small collection of 1:76 scale buses, generally local routes (174 route passes my house) but this is the first one of this scale I’ve had


Your collection looks really good Roy? It is another interesting hobby you have… :thinking:.


Then there’s the watch collection, best not go there :flushed:


Oh my word that is some collection of watches? :thinking::blush:

Do they all work? :thinking:

You must be a stickler for time. :watch::watch::watch:


Yes, there’s even my Dad’s watch from the late 40s & the Citizen automatic I got for my 18th birthday. I have to be careful, I’m slightly obsessive about buying watches.


Hi you Don, t sleep in the shed by any chance lol nice collections tho, got 5 amcelestial pearl danios this is Tommy, s fault he keeps telling people that I, am saintly


Good morning Peter and Mam
Peter I couldn’t find a photo of you in the early days .
Apparently the camera wasn’t invented .
Don’t quite understand that as there was some amazing miracles performed so I would think a box brownie would’ve been a doddle. LOL
That’s why I sent you a cartoon separately as I can’t do it on the forum.

Richie I was wondering .
When you where decorating did you wallpaper with dollar bills. HA HA.
Kieth where are you?

Hi Babswood hope you are on the mend.
Mrs t who is nagging you ?
I’ll shout at them for you and then run away. LOL

Regards to my favourite girl
Tommy :pill: