Hi all hope you all keeping wwll. This Saturday is my last day for I V Antibiotics.
I got my bloods done also will results tomorrow. So please keep your fingers crossed please.

Hi babs good luck we have got everything crossed bit difficult watching TV but worth it if it helps we, ll be with you in spirit please keep us posted
Pete and mam YNWA

Good luck Babs x

Hi babs, Tommy, Roy and Lesley, Mrs T and anyone who has been previously involved on this thread just to say I, m back pleased to say I am fine except for a scan of my kidneys on Friday seems something upset my blood tests results did manage to fall Tues pulled flap of skin back on my arm hope everything is OK with you all mam sends regards to you all
Pete and mam YNWA
Ps started season well one trophy bagged already

Welcome back Peter & good evening anyone else who happens to be looking in.

Had results of some blood tests this week & everything seems to be working as it should, no excess uric acid or rheumatoid indicators so none the wiser as to why my fingers keep locking?

BA have seen fit to cancel our Barbados holiday because of industrial action so we need to find something else (once we’ve got our money back).

Hi Roy, Lesley, Tommy, and babs oops sorry and Mrs T good to be back spent all day auditioning for the part of a mummy with hammer house of horror after peeling skin back on right arm last Tuesday lost my balance this morning did, nt fallbut caught door catch with left arm and peeled some skin back really do need Michelin man suit hope everyone enjoyed bank holiday
Pete and mam

Well Good evening to all my friends. Sorry not been on the forum for a while. What’s happening on the house front Roy.
Your fish tank Peter must be very thereputic

Mrs T I hop/e life is treating you well.

Tommy thanks for keeping in touch with me while i was not keeping too good. X. …


Hello Babs, Peter, Tommy et al

We found a bungalow Babs but it will need work to get it as we’d like it (rear & loft extension). We were a bit cheeky & knocked next door so we could have a look at the finished article as they’ve had theirs done and it was fabulous. Sticking point is the price as it’s about £50k overpriced by our reckoning & the vendors aren’t in a hurry to sell it so they can hold out for what they want.

All the best to everyone, cheers.

Hi Roy, babs, Tommy, tricky waiting game Roy any way just wanted to tell you all panic over had my kidneys scan today all clear so the gp thought I probably had prostate cancer but seems I was right and it was attack of prostatitis bad inflammation in other words used to have these attacks regularly years ago not had one for years hope you’re all OK

Good news Peter.

Hi yes had all symptoms had blood test Thurs and Fri 7pm gp rings to say couple of readings are high and expects prostate cancer and will see me Monday morning turns out my reading was up but still below risk level worried myself all weekend for no reason any way 2nd test showed reading below normal are you and Lesley going for the bungalow?
Pete and mam

We’ll probably put an offer in but the thought of getting all that building work done is very daunting. We have got a decent builder who’s given us a quote and we’ve seen some of his work but it’s still a big decision.

Hi sorry for the late reply but I have been watching Lfc all I would say is if it, s what you want then go for it life is to short as long as you can cope with stress it, s no good trying to do it if your health is not so good I, ve decided if I want something then I going to have it apparently there are no cashpoints where I hope to go

Too many imponderables at the moment it would seem Peter. We’ll give up till after our holiday now. Just sold my Tannoy speakers so will be hunting for new ones when I get back.

Be sad to see the boys go but I fancy a change.

Hi everyone always nice to upgrade Roy i lengthened cable on 2 speakers in cave weekend so I now sit in centre of room with 4 speakers in corners awesome sound think you are doing right thing regarding the house wise to step back if your not sure need to be 100%in your mind where you off to on holidays?

Not convinced it’ll be an upgrade Peter just ‘different’? Oh well the deed is done now.

We’re off to Barbados For a couple of weeks Peter :airplane::sunglasses:

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Lucky you enjoy your holiday

Cheers Peter.

Well the lounge looks a bit empty now

Hi there to all musketeers where oh where are you all?

That is Tommy Peter
Roy. Mrs T and on an odd occasion Sheila.

I have not been. Too good but I think I’m. On the mend now.
I do hope it is not your turn to be down in the dumps. Have missed you all.
Also a big thanks to those of you who kept in touch during my Bad times times.
Babs x x x. PS Roy your living room is most certainly empty now.

Hi babs and all the gang sorry not been on much glad your on mend babs spent last few days dismantling my tank they bred so much I could, nt keep up cleaning so with heavy heart sent them to new home back to music and the reds hope to be in touch more about to put poem on poetry thread if your interested quite a sad one mam, s ok sends her regards to all
Pete and mam YNWA