Morning babs, Tommy, Roy, and rest of gang was wondering if anyone has completed the dignity in dying campaign? Hope all is well with everyone will catch up with you all later

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Hiya babs sorry to hear you haven’t been too good. I know I’m not on here very often but I still think about everyone, and I’m glad you are now on the mend and send cyber hugs to you. Think it’s time we had a get together, but it’s all wishful thinking, just think about the weekend in York and perhaps it will cheer you up. Hope you will soon feel even more better, so take care - Sheila xx

Hi musketeers
Just to let you know that Suzanne is back home although still unwell but I’m glad she is home.
Oh and there is another book on sale at amazon /profits to pduk.
It’s called Park Climate change by Jon Best and guess who has a poem in there?
Regards to all and of course my favourite girl.
Tommy :pill: :pill: :pill:

Hi Tommy glad Suzanne is home should help a bit that there, s no travelling hopefully she will pick up with help of her star carer don’t forget to look after yourself as well I, m here if you need to sound off your fav girl sends hug for you both
Pete and mam YNWA

This feels strange : a wee bitty fractured…
Sending huge hugs to all. If you would like my 'phone number, mobile or landline please ask. I swear a great deal.
Broken ribs followed by UTI, x2 antibiotics, am floored aka flawed.
Thank god for rugby. It has focussed my family.
Daughter moved in with boyfriend in Exeter…….absolutely refuse to be a grieving mother.
In fact that goes for everyone.
All my love.

I’m in Barbados

Good to hear from everybody xx