Morning babs, Tommy, Roy, and rest of gang was wondering if anyone has completed the dignity in dying campaign? Hope all is well with everyone will catch up with you all later

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Hiya babs sorry to hear you haven’t been too good. I know I’m not on here very often but I still think about everyone, and I’m glad you are now on the mend and send cyber hugs to you. Think it’s time we had a get together, but it’s all wishful thinking, just think about the weekend in York and perhaps it will cheer you up. Hope you will soon feel even more better, so take care - Sheila xx

Hi musketeers
Just to let you know that Suzanne is back home although still unwell but I’m glad she is home.
Oh and there is another book on sale at amazon /profits to pduk.
It’s called Park Climate change by Jon Best and guess who has a poem in there?
Regards to all and of course my favourite girl.
Tommy :pill: :pill: :pill:

Hi Tommy glad Suzanne is home should help a bit that there, s no travelling hopefully she will pick up with help of her star carer don’t forget to look after yourself as well I, m here if you need to sound off your fav girl sends hug for you both
Pete and mam YNWA

This feels strange : a wee bitty fractured…
Sending huge hugs to all. If you would like my 'phone number, mobile or landline please ask. I swear a great deal.
Broken ribs followed by UTI, x2 antibiotics, am floored aka flawed.
Thank god for rugby. It has focussed my family.
Daughter moved in with boyfriend in Exeter…….absolutely refuse to be a grieving mother.
In fact that goes for everyone.
All my love.

I’m in Barbados

Good to hear from everybody xx

Hi Mrs T nice to see you back here sorry about your problems think we have all had probs, m in middle of changing meds alright for some Roy wish I was with you enjoy hope you are OK Babs and Tommy looks like another early night for me never been so tired

Hi there Peter Roy Tommy and Sheila and Mrs hoping that this finds you all in good spirits.

Well another rainy day here after such a beautiful day yesterday. We went to my sons house for a barbecue which. Was great but By. Night time my daughter in. Law and I had a blanket wrapped around us but still enjoyed the night. Although you? Could feel the nip in the air.

Roy your photos look fabulous. I can t wait to go? On my long awaited holiday. Still keep worrying about the Dr saying no. I. Can’t go although he has already said yes
. I have to go for a C T scan on my lower back on the 4th Oct.
I just feel that I am really struggling walking any distance at all. I have already started walking with my back going down and I. Feel and look like the hunch back. Of notre dam… My husband keeps nagging me to walk upright but it’s not as easy as you thi nk.
Sheila l thank you for your good wishes. York seems so far away now would be good to see how much we have all changed

Tommy I hope Suzanne is getting better being at home give her my love. Mind as Peter says look after yourself. I am always around if you need a chat.

Babs x x x

PS Peter hope Mam doing better give her my love. X x x

Hi Peter hope you doing better.

Well I was at my rheumatoid clinic today and myDr had a look at my foot and she said she wanted me to get an xray. Well the outcome of that is that I am back in. The boot again. As xray showed that my foot has not heeled properly.
So looks like I will be going to Spain. With this big bloody boot on.

Regards to Mam.

If you speak to Tommy would you mind saying that I ^ asking after Suzanne and also himself.

Hi babs sorry to hear about your foot think you must be the only person who is unluckier than me will pm you about our friend now I, m about to shower and head off to Swansea to do some shopping bit fed up with my mate keeps saying he will take me but always let’s me know last minute doesn’t realise I need to sort things out so I, m off on my own mam not v. happy but I, m up and hope to be gone before she is up

Hi Peter how did you get on the other day when you went shopping.

How is Mam doing give her my regards.
It is a lovely day here today but oh so cold? Hope that you are having a good day


Hi Tommy hope that Suzanne is feeling much better. And that you are better too
Do you hear much from Keith.?

I am having a lazy day as was out last night at a party in. The local. Pub
I actually managed to stay. All night so I’m absolutely shattered today.

Babs x x x
Take care and hoping all is well.

Hi babs mam says OK thanks legs bit better today she sends you big hug and hopes you won’t be in the boot for long shopping went OK but yesterday at dentist I was rocking and shaking at least teeth OK glad you had good night
Pete and mam

A goon with a view.

Heading home tomorrow, my best to everyone x

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Hope you have had a good time catch up with then

Hi @Roy_S,

That view looks amazing! :smiley:

I hope you’ve had a great holiday.

Best wishes,

Hoping that you and Lesley had a great holiday.

Babs x

Hi Peter how are you and Mam getting on. What have you been up to
. Have you heard anything from Tommy.

There are a lot more different people on the forum now eh.!?

I have been getting things ready for my holiday next week can’t wait.

Babs x x x

Hiya babswood, here’s to a lovely holiday, enjoy and relax. You deserve it, you have been through so much lately, so get em kid!! :sunglasses::sunglasses::partying_face: Go for it!!

Thanks Babs & Reah, yes we had a fabulous time :slight_smile:

Back to reality, seeing my PD nurse tomorrow, I was supposed to have lost weight… :thinking: