Sorry I fell asleep you and Suzanne OK mans legs bit better been bad few weeks hackers still trying to get at me so far new equipment holding out good start to season sun 4.30 big one
Pete and mam ynwa

Welcome back Peter

Hi peter, sorry to hear you had a fall, (you’ll have to take it with more water next time!) Seriously though it must have hurt like hell and then to have waited all that time for an ambulance, in fact, in all, you been to hell and back! Hope everything gets back on track soon for you and that little pup you are getting, I have never seen a chocolate Jack Russell he or she is so cute and will give you hours of fun, enjoy! Take care when that pup is walking about!


Hi Tommy glad to see you back on the forum. Hoping that you and Suzanne are doin g okay.
I ve not been. Too good either. That’s why I’ve not been on. Anyway hoping that’s all of us back will speak later so so tierd.

Babs x x x very. Very cold up here
Brrrrrrr. I

Hi Babswood
It’s a bit baltic down here as well.
Glad to hear from you.
Regards to Phil.
Tommy :pill::pill::pill:

Hi to all my friends. Just back from 2days at Ayr
We were there for the horse racing. Had a great time. No snow yet
. Think it’s too cold for snow.
Thinki ng of you alll and hoping that you are all well.

Babs x x x

Hello Babs, Tommy, Peter, Sheffy, Mrs T & anyone else who happens to be looking in.

Les is in Florida for a couple of weeks with one of her daughters, I was invited but they’re doing the parks & I wasn’t sure I’d cope with all the standing/walking & it’s really not my idea of a holiday anyway.

I stocked up on supplies yesterday so I don’t have to go out (hasn’t the weather turned bitter?). Might decorate one of the bedrooms but I’ll have to get REALLY bored before I tackle that.

Heard much from Keith Tommy? I really will have to give him a call.

Well all the best to everyone, keep warm!

Hi Roy.
And everyone else.
I haven’t heard from Keith recently.
Hope you are all well.
As for me, back at doctors today.
He wants me to get in touch with neurology again as my insomnia is out of control even with zopiclone.
It seems to have the opposite effect on me and simply irritates me instead of sending me to sleepy town and when I do sleep the dreams are just outrageous and scary.
Still acting out dreams and sleep walking.
I’ve come to the conclusion that Alison DuBois probably gets more sleep than me.???
On the bright side he told me today that my prostate was normal. (didn’t even take me out for dinner first) what a cheap skate. LOL :joy::joy::joy:
Tommy :pill::pill::pill:

Good MORNING musketeers
Peter has asked me to inform you all that he has gone offline again due to hackers getting back into his account.
Tommy :pill::pill::pill:

Have completely lost the plot. Some would say I never had one. A little less chaos would be nice. Am enormously proud mum of Fiona who gained a Distinction in M.SC. This daughter has tackled PD head on. I sometimes take my family for granted and think that it’s all about me: well I am the ill one. As my husband reminded me as he carried out another task for me with a smile, it costs nothing to be gracious.
But I get so bloody grumpy. It simply isn’t fair………….
Listen to me, spoilt madam.
Insomnia is dreadful when the heating is off. Dreadful full stop. I sometimes catch myself performing little rituals before I go to bed , you know something stupid like turning all the lights off…
Forgive me my sarcasm, it is one of the many reasons why I need this outlet. It is important to know that someone reads it. Well they may not. Hey ho.
Bahumbug, Xmas is a nightmare. This year 24,25 & 26th in Premier Inn Carlisle to be close to mother -in - law who is in home.
Stamping my foot and am refusing to put tree up ( although I love it ). Nose off to face spite cutting?

Enough. You got it, am wallowing. When stepping outside is even more perilous than ever I am beginning the stir crazy look. It is not a good one.
Big hugs to all.

Hi Mrs t
Please pass on my congratulations to your daughter.
It must be wonderful for you and your husband to see her achievements and so you “should” quite deservedly be extremely proud.
And as for having a little whinge about your health, well you are most definitely entitled to that much at the very least especially the dreaded insomnia which I share your thoughts.
However as you said your family carry out any tasks that you may require with good grace.
They simply love you as much as you do them.
Good to hear from you again.
Keep the faith
Tommy :pill::pill::pill:

Tommy, like all who contribute to this thread, your reply is massively welcomed.
You exhibit a rare level of wisdom. Thank you for sharing.

Evening / morning all. Well I haven’t done any decorating but have bought some new speakers. Les’s oldest daughter has kind of taken me under her wing, been asking if I needed anything and had me round for dinner a few times. Popped round last night with her youngest, Morgan, who’s ten. He was fascinated by my turntable and wanted to cue up the arm and drop the needle on the record but as a new needle would be around a £100 I had to step in. He was most upset that the music came out of the speakers rather than the deck itself. He loves my big reclining sofas (and the fact that his older brother isn’t around I suspect) and really didn’t want to go home. I seem to have an affinity with kids, perhaps because I’ve never grown up myself, I love playmobil

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Hi Roy.
Decorating sounds just like work really so speakers and playmobil sounds much more appealing.
Tommy :pill::pill::pill:

Hi there to to all my friends not been on for a while as have not been feeling too good. Then on Tues evening I think I had my worst accident yet. I fell going up the stairs at the top landing and ended up face down on a big glass vase that sat on the floor against the wall. I now have 15 stitches around my eye and another cut. Which has beenglued together. As you can imagine my face looks an absolute mess.
Mrs T. Sheila. Roy. Tommy and Peter and Mam I have not forgotten about you.

Hoping that you are all okay? Babs x x x

Oh Babswood
So sorry to hear about your accident I hope its not too painful.
And we haven’t forgotten about you either.
We are all posting a bit less now but it’s nice that we still check on each other occasionally.
Take care pal
Regards to Phil
Tommy :pill::pill::pill:

Sorry to hear you’ve been in the wars Babs, hope you’re not too sore.

Had a little tumble myself a few weeks back but it only led to grazed knees (through my jeans which didn’t rip?), grazed hands & acute embarrassment, I hadn’t even been drinking, just misjudged the height of a door frame coming out of a soft play area (would have been ok going in).

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Babs, OUCH. Sounds horrific yet with your usual aplomb you skip so lightly and with such dignity over what can only be awful.
You remain a complete inspiration.
Wishing you good healing and peace.

Oooh babswood, that was nasty, it’s a wonder you didn’t have more injuries :worried::worried:. It’s awful the way you keep falling and getting all these injuries, of all the problems to do with Parky, I think is one of the worst to cope with because it happens so quickly it doesn’t give you time to defend yourself in any way. Hope you are soon on the mend with not too many battle scars to show. Sending hugs your way :hugs::hugs: Still remember you from York where it was lovely to meet you and hubby, happy times!!

sheffy xx

Hi all, hope everyone else is keeping A OK, there is always something to battle through with Parkinsons, but we all manage to come out the other side fairly good and still with a fighting spirit. At least we have each other to talk to on here, even though we are not all on here at the same times, but know that we can still post and get some reaction from someone… I think everyone is an inspiration to all others in one way or another.
Roy_S - you would have thought they would have put a foam covering round the door frames for playful dads!! As for the decorating - the thought was there at least!
Tommy hope they can come up with something to help you get a good nights sleep without the horrendous dreams, which I can say is something I have never had and don’t really want to have, so good luck!
Peter - You have had as the queen says “an annus horriblus” year with one thing and another, hope 2020 is better for you and everyone else!

sheffy xx