Tommy, I have one word for you:


Thank you Sheffy&Mrs t.
I have followed all instructions from my neurologist and I have been told to contact him if the nocturnal problem persists.
So I shall be calling tomorrow as my next appointment is July.
Hopefully the next plan he has will work.
It’s simply a case of trial and error at the moment and my gp won’t do anything independently as he wants to keep the neurologist in the loop.
Regards Tommy :pill::pill::pill:

Hi there my friends Thanks for the kind words.
I am getting my
Stiches out on Friday hoping that it will not be sore.
I was told at the hospital that I am going to have some scar down my face.

Hopefully I will not have another fall any time soon.

Take care Babs. X X X (SHEILA a few years have now passed since w e all met up in York. Was a really good weekend. Although most of the people no longer come on here… Memories eh?)

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its better to join one of the few CBD oil groups on facebook and ask those onit which CBD oil is recommended for whats happening to you.
i can only compare buying it in holland and barratt, with going into boots and asking for a cough bottle. you need to know what type of cough you have to get the correct cough bottle

Yes babswood, some good memories, I can’t remember the year, wonder if that Hotel is still open, can’t even remember the name of the Hotel either!! Hope any scarring will soon fade and perhaps a bit of makeup will do wonders!
Tommy it’s all time consuming isn’t it, waiting for this and waiting for that, that’s where the patience come in and grit your teeth at the same time!

sheffy xx Good Night All x

Hi babs, Tommy Roy and sheffy it’s been a while and long story police are investigating the hacking of my broadband thanks to my mp missed you all but will try to catch up if jasper allows he 9 weeks old Jack russell

Hi babs so sorry to hear about your fall hope you are OK and no lasting damage am sends her love if you want to talk I’m here

Hi sheffy still catching up thanks for the kind wishes hoping my new soul mate will help he, s jasper 9wks old jack russell

Hello Peter, good to see you back! New pooch looks cute.

Hi Babs, hope the stitches coming out doesn’t hurt. Lesley took a tumble going into a restaurant for our anniversary night out & hurt her shoulder & knee (there was quite a high door frame she tripped over, no warning signs, nothing, was surprised I didn’t go down). Anyway we complained & can go back for a free meal.

Hello Sheffy, yes, decorating’s now taken a back burner again what with us hurtling towards Xmas & all.

Tommy, hope you’re doing ok mate.

Mrs.T, no, I’m not bothering with a tree either, I’ll hardly be at home anyway but will have to pop home on the day to cook a loin of pork (my physical contribution to a dinner for 10), hope you have a good time in Carlisle.

Well I saw my neurologist last week & he seemed very pleased with me & is content that I don’t need to increase the dosage of anything. My blood pressure was down as well & I’d lost half a stone so all good :slight_smile:

Hi Musketeers
Great to see so many of you popping in.
I’m doing not too bad thanks Roy.
Here’s a little radical idea, let’s all meet up on here for a few few minutes at Christmas.
It would be nice to hear from you all.
#Tommy :pill::pill::pill:

Sounds like a plan Tommy be good to raise a glass to you all, what time’s good for you?

Cheers Roy.
Time is not an issue for me as I am going nowhere, just a quiet day with Suzanne and Sammy.
#Tommy :pill::pill::pill:

Just meant we could allot a time to all jump on here via putting an alert on our phones or something?

I understand now Roy
About 2pm would be good for me.
#Tommy :pill::pill::pill:

That’s a date Tommy. I’ll be the slightly wobbly one wearing the carnation.

I, ll be with you to raise a glass at 2pmour cute pooch is in dog house as he bit mam not to badly but sunk his teeth into me so put in naughty room to cool down

Cheers Peter
Great to see you back
And don’t keep Jasper in the dog house for too long, he’s so cute and just a baby. :innocent::innocent::innocent:
#Tommy :pill::pill::pill:

He is out already and is going to sleep in usual place between my feet and yes I have washed the gave me a lovely deep bite he gets so excited you can’t control him hope you’re OK

Would that be 2pm Christmas Day afternoon before the Queen speech? Or 2pm Boxing Day if we are sober? or the next day when I can sit down?

Hi Tommy, babs, Roy and sheffy big day today jasper gets second injection at last he will be able to get out of the house if he will wear a collar or harnesses hoping all is well with everyone he just woke me up for toilet and is currently fast asleep between my feet at least I think he is asleep lol