Hi Petec - Hope jasper has learnt his lesson after biting your Mum and you and spending a stint in the ‘dog’ house, but they think they are being playful, you will have to buy some soft toys (chewy not fluffy) for Christmas to chew on to strengthen his teeth, it’s like buying teething rings for babies! He seems to be settling in quite well and looks lovely.

Hope everything else is well with you all - sheffy xx

Hi Sheffy thanks for the tips he has lots of toys toilet training is hard as he grabs puppy pads on corner and runs up passage flying a kite been out the back on lead three times had second injection Mon

hi to all the gang hope you’re all ready for Xmas

Hi Tommy, babs, Roy and sheffy well it’s a dry Xmas and 60th birthday for me trip to A+E for tetanus and antibiotics after jasper decided to sink his teeth into my arm going through a fight to see who is the boss hoping all is well with you all
Pete and mam

Hi to all my friends on. Here. Hope you are all ready for Xmas. I will try my best to be on here atv2lpm but might be on way to chineese restaurant as our table is booked for 2
30 I will do my best
. Babs x x x



Thanks babs not quite there 27th though got my bus pass already hope you have a great time think I am getting soft as jasper has a Xmas card and stocking need help I, m losing plot lol

2 pm sounds like a date folks.

Morning Mrs t, babs, Tommy and Roy well after two days of aggressive behaviour trying to be head of pack peace is restored jasper finally got message that mam and me make rules hopefully everyone is ready for Xmas just bread a milk for me to get
Pete and mam

Hi Tommy, babs, Roy and sheffy incase anyone is awake as you can see my early toilet call got me up big day yesterday first walk thought he would be tired after it instead run us ragged all day anyway merry Christmas to all from mam and me just in case I’m not on again today will be here at 2pm tomorrow
Pete c

Merry Christmas to all from
Pete and mam will be here 2pm enjoy the rest of the day everyone

Unfashionably early :grinning: merry Xmas all

Merry Christmas musketeers and all.
I’ve just been sold 8 venison legs for the princely sum of £40.
Do you think that may be too dear?

Best prezzie so far a personalised Greg Wallace calendar, I hate him with a passion

Contestants you have Two minutes!!!
I hate him too.
Tommy :pill::pill::pill:

Venison’s always deer, ask Santa :santa:

I just peeled 7lb of spuds, got 30 pigs in blankets to prepare yet

I’m already planning my new year’s resolution.
Something a little difficult to actually achieve I think?
I plan to learn all the words to the one show theme tune.
Hope I haven’t given myself too much of a challenge.

Meanwhile David Bowie offers to lend bing crosby his rubber bum pump

Enjoy the rest of your day everyone.
Tommy :pill::pill::pill::pill:

Same time next year? :slight_smile:

Hi Roy.
Keith was asking for you yesterday when I spoke to him also for Babswood, Peter and Mam and Mrs t.