We all have people who inspire us.

I would like to mention three of my inspirations:

1. Shackelton: he brought everyone home

2. Maya Angelou: for being a phenomenal woman

3. Sophie Morgan: a former pupil

Who inspires you?


          Good Morning mrs t

                                    All those brave superfit young lads who were seriously  injured or killed in the  wars, pointless stupid wars, ( arent they all) in Iraq and  Afghanistan.


Good morning all..........My inspiration comes from young Fed, Morph and several other pals on the forum who all support, and inspire me with their quirky, fun, chirpy, intelligent, witty comments.

I feel so lucky to have made their aquaintance.

luv Jolly Dolly x


Hello Dolly

                Thats the nicest thing  anyone has said about me since I was six, thats  six months, when my Gran said I had bonny blue eyes, I remember when she said it  ??.

                              Thank You Dolly                      Fedbig grin

Well i say it as i see it.....young Fed cool.and you help  a lot of folk here (inc me) with your wit and understanding of all situations. Despite feeling S**** yourself some of the time, you manage to put others first...and i for one admire you for that razz No this isn't the Rayban Fed coolappreciation society lol....but good old Gran! and fancy you remembering that when you were so young. I think that would make a good thread maybe? What are your earliest memories? I remember falling down the pan and getting a wet botty!! and NO it wasn't last week idea

Anyway Fed keep going matey and most of all keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep flippin ROCKIN yeah?

luv Dolly big grin

   You are most kind Dolly,I am humbled by your praise.

           I was thinking about  the earliest memory well I have many, but the most astonishing is this, I was born in a terraced pit  cottage on the 4th September 1950 my mother had no assistance for more than one hour ,Dad was 800ft underground and my Bro and  Sis were at school, however help finally arrived and I was placed in my cot, directly under a skylight, Mam tells me I used to stare at that skylight especially if it was a sunny day with cotton  wool clouds drifting past  , apparently I used to giggle and laugh as they took turns crossing that window, I did not laugh or giggle on any other occasion, only on cotton wool days I am now 63 and at least three times a week when Im  in a deep sleep,I dream I am looking up at a skylight with blue sky and cotton wool clouds, it the only time I feel safe now, surely I cannot be recalling that view from my earliest days on planet earth, I lived there only six months. Strange but true.

                                                      I hope you are still on the mend Dolly Best Wishes



     Sorry mrs t I realise I have drifted of track, but I think dolly has a good plan for a thread here we will see how it flies,no reason why both cant run side by side.


who inspires you?