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Good Afternoon folks, was wondering if there are any recommendations out there for Car insurance companies who won't penalise me too much for having PD. My insurance is up at the end of this month and I was advised by my PD nurse to shop around. Thanks Alan
I am not aware of being penalised in the car insurance game at all for having PD.

I [u]expected[/u] sharp intakes of breath, cycnical chuckles, massive restriction of cover and big premium hikes.

[u]None[/u] of this happened.

I have experience of AA insurance brokers and Kwik-Fit Insurance

Thank you for that, I havent yet shopped around for renewals yet but just wanted to know if anyone else had experienced huge premiums because of the PD.Cheers
same as above,never had any problems they just told me to make sure i had notified swansea about used was tesco
Cheers Buzzicles.
I had no problems or changes to cost with Esure and Sheilas Wheels.
Hi I just picked this up from another pd website.

Please call freephone 0800 3308057 when your car insurance renewal is due and quote 'PDUK' to get a competitive quote.

Thanks Weedy , i will give them a call thank you.
hello everyone .

Thanks for info on car insurances ...
Ive been searching for a thread on travel insurance, so sorry for tagging this request on the end of car insurances...
I've finally retired last week from work , after managing to get to the age of 55 with the NHS . With my hard earned little pension, i've always wanted to visit Australia , so before the PD gets even worse ,ive planned a long awaited trip for early next year with my lovely hubby who's been a tower of strength through this illness . he says i will be fine , but as we all know who have this , things can change very quickly . Anyway if anyone out there who has had a good travel insurance just in case the worse should happen i would be VERY grateful for any info .
Thanks for all the other help and advice on this forum , now I'm a lady of leisure i will have more time to go onto this site . Keep up the good work everyone ,its good to know there are others out there in the same boat . Janie
My husband never has any problem with travel insurance. He pays a slightly higher premium after answering a lot of questions and is always treated courteously and with respect.
I don't think Parkinson's leads to emergengy situations very often where expensive hospital stays and procedures are required so just start ringing round and tell the truth!
Thank you for your reply GG will take your advice regards Janie x