Insurance for wheel chair

Hi there to any one who actually reads my post.

As I go on holiday in 4 weeks time. It is great to be able to. Say that after what I’ve. Been through. The Dr on Tuesday said yes to my holiday.
My rheumatoid arthritis nurse arranged for me to get a new wheelchair. The paperwork along with it says I Can only take abroad if I have insurance for it.
I though it would automatically be insured through my personal belongings. But I was told no.

So what is the next step I take. Please please advise me

Babs x x x


Hi. Do you have house contents insurance? If yes, phone them and ask for the wheelchair to be added to your policy. Otherwise try one of the specialist insurers like this one

Enjoy your holiday!

Thank you so much for your help. I willl do that.

Cheers. Babs x