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My wife was just diagnosed with PD at 37. Does anyone know any insurance which will cover further testing, drugs, therapies, treatments , and long time care in the future after already being diagnosed ?



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Given that your wife was recently diagnosed, you may want to explore our ‘Newly diagnosed with Parkinson’s’ that has a lot of useful information regarding support for younger people with Parkinson’s as well as information on financial help.

You can also contact our helpline service on 0808 800 0303 and speak to one of our adviser as they may be able to offer more information on insurance.

I hope you find the above information useful.

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My experience is that private health insurance will pay out for initial diagnosis (in my case they paid for an MRI and DATscan to confirm diagnosis) but they will not cover any ongoing treatment.

I also had a personal Critical Illness Cover policy, to cover some of my mortgage, that paid out.

However, to my knowledge, once you’re diagnosed it won’t be possible to take out new cover.

My experience with the NHS has been very positive, though it can take time to get appointments.

Hope this helps.

Hi my husband has been diagnosed with early onset PD recently with a letter from the neurologist saying ‘it is my opinion that this patient has …’, a recent MRI supports this however the medication has not yet started working. Can I ask at what point you claimed on your critical life insurance, we are unsure at what point to do this? Any help/advice from your experience would be helpful.

Hi, I claimed critical life 3 months after been diagnosed , It was with the Coop, which changed to Royal London. They wanted a letter from my neuro but they paid out with no problems. hope this helps.


I also claimed about three months after initial diagnosis. The insurance company will write to your neurologist with a form to fill out asking him/her to confirm the diagnosis and various details about the condition. It may be worth checking the policy wording and discussing with the neurologist first if the diagnosis is not yet 100% certain.

I have also written about insurance in my blog here which may be of some interest:

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Thank you Reudyfam and JF so much for your reply, very reassuring. We are due to see the neurologist again in June and will discuss it with him then. I will also read your blog JF - thank you so very much. Reassuring to hear from people going through the same experiences.