Interested in being interviewed for an article about using the Parkinson's UK forum?


Would you be interested in talking about your experiences of using the Parkinson's UK forum for an article that’s about the benefits of online communities?

Eli Lee, a freelance journalist, who works with Nominet - a technology company that is centred on the .uk internet domain – is looking to hear about specific ways in which this forum has helped you by providing support, information or community – or anything else you can think of!

If you're interested in participating, please contact Eli Lee directly on [email protected] or 07940 174 515

Digital Team

Hi Alethea,

I have had the pleasure of talking to Eli tonight, she has said she will let me know when and which paper story will be run when she does I will let you know.


BB x



I left a message of this person's answerphone with a message and




she's very nice i am sure she will call you back.

Hi Betty Blue and Casie,

That's great!


I have corresponded via email, and apparently  article  being sent to her editor on Monday. Some of my quotes are getting used!  All positive 

I forgot to tell you, Ellie Lee phoned me a few days ago and interviewed me on the phone.  I only had good things to say.  She said she would send me a copy of her piece when it went to print.

big grinIt  will be  interesting to see the finished article. 

I can't wait either xx

Hi all,

Great, hope we get to see a copy of it too!

Best wishes,


I contacted  Eli last  week, to find out about the article, she very kindly sent this link.


Hi Bethankit,

This is lovely, thanks for sharing with us!

Best wishes,

They wouldn't handle the truth! Well, my truth anyway!! evilcool

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Lets make it a quiz.

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Alethea, I've changed my mind...............sign me up!

BB the noob.....I've started an Acronym thread for folks to help you out with understanding computer slang.big grin