Interested in talking to any females who first experienced Parkinsons around age 50

I am interested to speak to any females who feel that their Parkinsons symptoms first began around age 50/ or close in time to the Menopause.

My mum has had Parkinsons since 2003. I am not diagnosed but suspect I have symptoms from all I know about my mum’s experience in those 18 years.

I have been reading about the link with Menopause and Parkinsons and the effect of estrogen with the brain. I would like to investigate this further and would love to speak to females who believe their first Parkinsons symptoms came around the time of menopause.

We are in the same boat and may be able to look into the topic further together. I am also looking into my mum’s health records to find out some key dates relating to this to see if any findings will help to see if there are any insights/ commonalities.

Thank you in advance.

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Hi I was diagnosed at the age of 47 and after starting medication on Rasagaline I had no further periods

I will send you a personal message