Interesting question raised

Motability cars are a lifeline for plenty of disabled people - often specially adapted, and helping them stay active or work. Yet I've heard from many disabled people who have recently been forced to give up their car by Government cuts - now trapping them in their homes or putting jobs at risk. Today I raised their cases in Parliament with the Department of Work and Pensions and urged the Secretary of State to personally review the damage these cuts are doing. Across the country 41,000 people have lost their cars so far. At a time when the Prime Minister is talking about the importance of mental health, Ministers need to recognise the impact on isolation and depression that these kinds of decisions have, Here’s my question to the DWP sec in the House of Commons Yvette Cooper .

and what was the responce?


It is a shocking state of affairs.

Yvette do we or did we have any response?

? ......... Apparently not!!!


41.000 I thought it was  150.000.