Internal Tremors

Hi All, I was diagnosed 6months ago although I had been seeking support for a variety of symptoms for around 2 years prior to that. I was misdiagnosed as suffering from anxiety and medicated accordingly. When I received my PD diagnosis I stopped the anxiety meds and am now taking Ropinarole 6mg which has some benefits but doesn’t tackle the almost constant internal tremor. This tremor feels like the physical effects of anxiety but I don’t feel anxious (hoping this makes sense!). I’m now wondering if anti anxiety meds would have any benefit but I’m keen to hear other people’s experience as I find that when I consult health professionals (GP, Consultant, Parki Nurse) they seem to want me to come up with the answer or at least suggest how I would like to proceed ! Thanks in advance to anyone willing to share their experience.

Well I had anxiety issues that long predated my PD diagnosis this year - I am talking decades - so I know Parkinsons was not the cause of anxiety in my case. Though it does appear to have been making it worse in recent years. Sometimes my anxiety can manifest as physical symptoms, butterflies in the stomach for example, but I have never experienced the symptoms without the anxiety, even if I often can think of no reason why I should be feeling anxious.

All I could suggest is to speak to a mental health specialist of some kind if you can, but you have probably already done all that. Sorry I could not be more help.

Thanks for your response. I get the butterflies too ! I hope your anxiety is manageable and not too overwhelming.

Thank you…my mirtazepine dose for anxiety has recently been increased but I struggle most badly with it in work. I find my retail job a very anxiety0inducing situation sometimes. But most of the time I am on top of things so manage okay. I know from experience that it is very hard to talk yourself out of feeling a certain way, especially when there is no reason for the way we are feeling. Different things work for different people. I have a friend who swears by mindfulness videos, I myself like alone time with a good book. Excessive alcohol is never wise, but just a glass of wine or a single can of lager or cider can take the edge off sometimes. If nothing you can think of works it might be worth speaking to a GP about it. Sometimes anxiety we feel has root causes in our pasts, sometimes our childhoods, and counselling about that can help. But sometimes there just is no reason for it that we can think of for why we feel a certain way.