Interview tomorrow - Back to work scheme

Hello 10am in the morning back to work interview has anybody got any good things to say about these interviews i'm feeling really nervous.I know i shouldn't .Asked my consultant for letter to take he refused saying it was ridiculous that they should ask for one they must realise it is a chronic progressive illness, which cheered me up i must say. Any positive replies welcome
Hi hopeful; I recently had 4 months off having been 'under the weather' being a mixture of stress and medication reaction, a little OCD on meds! Have been saying to employers for 4yrs we need plan to manage my condition/employment which will benefit them and me. They dragged feet until I was off sick and they realised I had been honest with them and they had responsibilities under DDA (disability discrimination act) now cant do enough, phased return for 3 months prompted by fitness to return to work note lasts 3 months terms dictated by GP, disability plan needed having been confirmed by occupational health. Half days x 3 for two weeks, then leave for xmas, reduced responsibilities, now half days for 5 days per week under weekly review until march 2012. Access to work provide adaptations and all going well. Work for local authority but you have legal rights so insist! get help union or advocate. Best wishes!!:grin:
some people make sure their meds are timed and in sufficient quantity to get the most 'normal' you available. if on levadopa avoid all proteins! If trouble with voice have a sweet to suck. be positive!
good luck
Dont know extent of your symptoms Hopeful, but I am really sorry for you having to drag yourself into work. I was put on extended sick leave after diagnosis. I was a carer in a Home which I could not manage physically and my paper work was slow too. I just lost interest. Others on here seem to keep working but personally my health improved heaps when I stopped work and started looking after myself. You must be tired out and not having any fun which all leads to mental exhaustion. Best wishes for today. I am 62 diagnosed at 57 and medicated now.
HI Hopeful how did you get on with the interview:question: hope all is well:smile:
Thank You all for your support once again.Bad day attended interview because they have placed me on back to work have not worked for 5yrs because had fall and broke shoulder needed 2 ops and left me with very limited movement diagnosed with start of osteoporosis.MRI scan showed dics problems in lower back have to take pain killers daily,suffer with depression most of my life again meds help a lot them PD 1year ago.Explained having physio at hospital 1 day week counseling for depression which is worse now because dealing with break up from Alcoholic partner and they have placed me on back to work scheme as i i don't feel bad enough without having the stress of going to that awful place.Reading this back i sound a right mess i will be ok new little puppy helping tremendously don't think i would have coped he keeps me busy Thanks everyone x P.S. Got to go back in 3 months.
Thanks for letting us know. Is the back to work scheme a government scheme, or do you actually have to go back to your employment now?
Yes its goverment scheme to get people back to work so i cannot see why they are bothering with me with all my health problems and my age i just find it very stressfull.
Its crazy. Hope some of the others on the course are nice.
Get that letter !!!!!!!!!!!!That makes or breaks the case trust me I got one it done it for me
Just had a letter saying that OH will soon be assessed on their capability to work.

OH has had P since they were 47, they are now 61. Do they think that their ablility to work has improved in this time?

Rant over, I am just feeling so angry at this.
Any advice?

I feel a rant is needed and a very BIG RANT at that. This is just ridiculous surely, who are these people who conduct the assessments, I presume they are of the medical profession but surely to goodness they can see from someones medical history those that need to be back in work and those that have progressive conditions ( and other diagnosis) that will be very difficult to place in purposeful employment. What job exactly do they envisage being suitable.
We are all very different I grant you that and we all have our own little difficulties associated with PD, some not so little.

I recently took voluntary redundancy, 4 months ago, and now find myself looking for a part time job because being at home is too quiet and I need that interaction, stimulation and lets be honest the money.

Since I finished work I will admit my health has improved I don't 'hit that wall' of tiredness at this time no headaches no exhaustion no bleary vision but here I am looking for part time work. Is that the right thing to do ? not sure but financially I need too and personally I miss it and after reading this thread I wouldn't stand any chance of being considered for long term benefits.

But......will all those symptoms return????? and what then. Its hard to decide what to do for the best and because things fluctuate no one seems to take that on board but an employer will soon enough. So in a way we can't win.

The system is just pants