Intimate relationships and Parkinson's

Hi everyone. My name is Karen and I am one of the Resources Editors at Parkinson's UK. I'm updating our booklet on 'Intimate relationships and Parkinson's' at the moment, which looks at relationships in general, at the challenges couples may face, beginning a new relationship, and how Parkinson’s may affect your sexual functioning, both physically and emotionally. In each section, there are tips and suggestions for ways to overcome problems. 

As part of the update, I'm looking for people who may be interested in sharing your experiences of how your own relationship, regardless of your sexuality, may have been affected by Parkinson’s:

  • What relationship challenges have you faced since being diagnosed with Parkinson’s?
  • Have you sought help from professionals concerning emotional or physical issues surrounding your relationship? Were they helpful?

Here's a link to the existing booklet so you can see what the booklet discusses and the existing case studies we have:

Intimate relationships and Parkinson's booklet

Thanks for considering!

Hello Karen

                   Back in 2000\2001, I Volunteered my services for just such a  study, it was not easy especially as my wife did not participate, but she is very reluctant to talk about the sexual problems affecting our relationship. The first difficulties I encountered ,though at the time we did not see it as a problem at the time was hypersexuality ,indeed we took advantge of this new lease of life and had great fun,in our late forties early fifties we saw it as a unexpected bonus. My wife was prior to my return to youth was becoming  unsettled as I had no interest at all in the sexual aspect of our marriage, and she used to jokingly suggest she took a toy boy little did I know how that almost came true but I wont go there .So as time went by this HS as I called it became the most dominant  aspect of my life, and instead of being fun it became dangerous , my wife was quite happy to try different things up to a point but I became more and more dominant and demanding and if  I could not have my way I effectively changed personality becoming unpleasant to live with,usually my dear wife would give in to my ever more bizzare requests just so she could get some normality, this could not go on so I had a conversation with my PD nurse and a change of drug finally brought me back down from fantasy island and normality prevailed, the HS did return slightly when the Duodopa was installed but that too quickly settled the drug that almost caused the break up of our marriage was Cabergoline, apparently notorious for its powerful effects, I hope this information is of use, if you need to contact me please do I will help in any wayI can.                                        Kindest Regards                    Fed


I was curious to know if there have been studies done tying Parkinsons Disease and RLS together? Is it possible for a person who has RLS to get Parkinson's later on in life? Thank you for whatever information you can give me. I don't have Parkinson's but I do have RLS, especially at night when I am trying to sleep. I also have sleep apnea and rapid eye movements. This was all diagnosed at the Sleep Lab years ago. Please, God, help people who have Parkinson's Disease.


relationship compromise

Hello Mandy  Meister

             In my case as the PD worsened so did RLS but mainly when Dyskynesia was bad, so a link is possible but it does not mean you have PD there will be many causes where RLS is not linked , though it is distressing and plays havoc with sleep patterns, I find that playing relaxing music helps, try Thomas Newmans Hauntingly Beautiful,,, its on You Tube with other soothing music its very very good at relaxing the mind.

                                         Kindest Regards    Fed