Intimate solutions

Don’t know what to do. Each day presents a new challenge and this one leaves me baffled. Please help me. My 52 year old husband is still coming to terms with his 9 month old diagnosis. Noticed recently that his tremors seem to intensify after sex so much so that it frightens me. Normally his tremors are in his hand but after sex, his hand and legs tremor vigorously. At one point I thought I needed to call an ambulance… was concerned about how I was going to explain what he was doing before the tremors started :blush: Is this the new normal or can we still experience the joys of sex? :thinking:

Hi there Ladybird52,

We fully appreciate this is a bit of a sensitive/awkward topic to approach - we have an area on the website dedicated to Sex and Parkinson’s which you can view here. Hopefully that’ll give you a bit of insight!

Thereafter - if problems persist, then it’s best to speak to your GP, specialist or Parkinson’s nurse.

Best Wishes
Tom A, Parkinson’s UK