Hi, my name is Jodie and I wanted to introduce myself. I am a recently turned 40 single Mum to a nearly 15 year old young man. I work fulltime. I have troubles with my mental health in as much I suffer with panic attacks and anxiety. Recently they have gotten worse due to my non existent relationship with my Dad who has had PD for about 12 years. I would like to post a rather lengthy post about understanding my Dad's very odd behaviour which led to a breakdown of his 40 year marriage to my Mum and the subsequent relationships between him and my younger sister. Where would be best to post please?

Hi Jodie

It would be best to try the Carers, Friends and Family forum that you will see on the forum listing page. Have a look at some of the postings - there are lots - to check whether you would be comfortable joining in. You aren’t alone, for sure.

Best of luck 


Thanks Mike - I did put a post in the OCD section but will copy and paste into the Carers part