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]Hi I have just joined the forum yesterday .I am 72 years old , retired 9 years and have pd since 2004 . I was doing quite well until April 2011 when I had an operation for varicose veins and it was then that the pd advanced at a fast rate. I am on med 10 times a day and my neuro has advised that the duodopa pump is the way to go. I am not too keen on this way as I see too many complications. Has any one got first hand info. on this ?.

Hi Magpie9... Great name by the way... Welcome to the community

This is a link to a thread on Duodopa that was started last year and might be of interest. I am, sure that other community members will be happy to share their experience of this medication

you can also contact the helpline ( 0808 800 0303) and speak to one of their nurses who may also be able to answer your questions

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Hi Tim

Many thanks for your reply and your link to DUODOPA . It was interesting to read someone else's experience on this, but unfortunately it has not helped me to come to any decision.
There seems to be a small take up on the Duodopa pump method. Wonder is it because of the complications attached to it which is a worry to me. As I cannot get any information here in Ireland this is what prompted me to join the U.K site. Hoping to hear from someone else who has undergone this treatment. I have 6 or 7 periods of "feet freeze" during the day when I virtually can't move.
When the medication kicks in I am pretty good and I can get out and about.

Glad you like the name. A good Toon supporter.