Introducing myself - carer for my father who has Lewy Body Dementia

I do hope it’s OK to join this forum and post on here. My father has Lewy Body Dementia which gives him symptoms similar to Parkinson’s. I thought that by joining the forum I would be able to get information that might help my Dad with some of the mobility issues.

Hi Sukisoo,

Welcome to our community forum. As you’re sure to hear from the group soon, Parkinson’s and Lewy Body Dementia share much in common. It’s an oft-discussed topic and there are lots of questions – and some answers – around it. We’d refer you to this page of our website: Thinking and memory changes | Parkinson's UK and we’d encourage you to search the term as the site contains loads of research, news, and archived forum discussions on the topic. And as an added resource, feel free to call our helpline on 0808 800 0303. The advisors there can assist with a range of things, from medication questions to finding support (for carers, as well) in your area.

We hope you’ll find some comfort getting to know our lovely community, and please accept our best wishes to you and your father, along with our warmest welcome.

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Hello Sukisoo

All comers are welcome on the forum whatever their link with Parkinson’s might be so welcome and I hope it helps. Lewy Body and Parkinson’s are common bedfellows and @jason.mod has given you some good advice which you may want to follow up when you are ready, May I also suggest you put Lewey Body into the search to bring up some of the previous posts and replies here on the forum, which may help you to understand or learn a bit more about this condition.

These links may also help.

This link is for the Lewy Body Dementia Association, in case you don’t know of them and they could be a good source of support, information etc


I hope what I have written is useful. Please do come back if you have any questions.
My best wishes to you and your father.

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