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My name is Ibrar  (I'm 29). and my father has Parkinson's. My father is 63 and was first diagnosed with PD about 15 years ago. He has most of the common traits of PD, slurring voice , limited movement, curling toes, slouched body posture. Slurring voice and limited movement tend to disappear after about 30minutes after taking his prescribed medication.

My father has also had hallucinations in the past (someone sitting on the end of his bed or someone knocking on the door). However, the hallucinations and now delusions have turned into something more serious. He believes my mother is cheating on him. Most of his argument is always illogical. At first, I told him what he was saying isn't true and he somewhat agreed. Now it's the polar opposite and he is stuck in his belief that he is right and mentally strong.

We've reduced some of his medication, based on suggestions from our GP (who took guidance from the PD Doctor) however, he's unwilling to reduce his evening dose of Madopar.

Is there anyone out there who has come across something similar and can suitable advise?






Hi Ibrar - why not phone the PD helpline at the top of the page, I am sure someone would be able to help or advise you in some way. I myself havent had any experience of hallucinations myself but I know some people do with the meds they are on. Hope you get the advice you need for your father.

All the best - Sheila

Hi Ibrar,

Welcome to the community.

Sorry that your father is having these hallucinations and delusions. Sheila's advice to call our Helpline is great. You can talk to someone on 0808 800 0303 from Monday-Friday: 9am-7pm and on Saturday from 10am-2pm.

You may also find this useful:, and an information sheet is available at:

Hope this helps. 

Best wishes,


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Thanks Sheila and Edwina. I'll follow the above and see what advice they can provide.


I'll continue to post updates on the forum in the interim :)