:rolling_eyes:I'm new to this forum , although i've been on other forums as "rabbit john",Bunny sites of course . So "hi everyone" .

Hi Jonta


Caroline x

:grin:Hello there welcome to the forum :grin:

i'm new to the site . I'm 75 and i was diagnosed at the beginning of the year . I'm on Co-Careldoper 25/100 , one three times a day . I have a stannah stairlift , and a bathseat to lift me in and out of the water , and a wheelchair on loan until mine arrives . Walsall have supplied everything i need . My wife is looking after me and i would be lost without her to chivvy me along and remind me about things like medication , etc . jonta .

Hello jonta,

welcome to the forum, glad to hear you are getting help from Walsal and you have got things in place at home, best wishes to your yourself and your wife,
best wishes

:laughing:Thanks for the welcome , caroline , heather , vivian .

:laughing:I used to go rockclimbing and hillwalking in Snowdonia , I say used to , ifall over my own feet now , plus my eyes aren't so good , and so i've sold my car . Which also stopped me working at the local " rabbit rescue " , i miss the rabbits most . I have a grey Netherland Dwarf named Smokey who lives in a hutch in the kitchen .

Welcome Jonta,

My daughters used to call theirs "Bunnits" but then again I suppose all kids did!

:laughing:Thanks , Bogman .

Hi, Jonta!

Welcome. Sorry you miss the rabbits. I don't know much about them myself, but my daughter had one. I don't know what kind it was, but it was a big softie & loved a cuddle. I expect you get a lot of pleasure from your rabbit at home. All the best. EM