Hello all my name is Brenda.I have PD and am 63 years old and live in Oklahoma.I was born and raised in California and moved here in 2006 to be near my family that lives here in Tulsa,Oklahoma.I was diagnosed with PD in April 2005.I am hoping this forum will help me to not feel so alone.It seems like every month I have a new set of symptoms.I don't want to get to carried away.Thank you for the opportunity to share with you.
hi okie06,welcome to puk forum there is a lot of good surport here ,and nice friends to be made:smile:im ali ive been dx with pd for 11 half years,im 43 years old.its nice to have communtity members join us from further afield,oklahoma,could you please tells us alittle bit about there?i live in england,shropshire,its nown for farming,:smile:you had pd since 2005,how are you coping?please dont hesitate to ask anything you would like to no,im sure someone will be able to help you,if not there is the puk helpline,number top of this page,which very kind people who are trained will answer anything you need to no.hope to see you around:smile:
Hello Okie and welcome.

I'm 66 and living alone, diagnosed nearly 3 years ago. It would be interesting for us to know what kind of support you get in the US. What's the time difference in Oklahoma ? Is it 5 hours, it would be good to see you in Badgers.
Hi Oakie

I live in Canada in the same time zone as you. I believe there is a 6 hour difference with the UK. I was diagnosed 1.5 years ago at age 65. I have found that even though Canada and the USA have decent forums, this one in the UK seems to be the best i have found. Lots of knowledgeable people are in here and their advice (to others, not me, I am shy and rarely post) has been very useful and can really ease your mind.

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Welcome to the Forum. I hope you will take the time to check out the Creative Corner. There you will find posts from PWP's which we hope will inspire you to contribute. There is no need for shyness because if you do read it you will find entries across the gamut from the sublime ( Lin, Marcel, Poshbird) our dark side chronicler (Titan) to the ridiculous (me).Jokes, quizzes, poetry, rhymes and songs.

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Hi okie06,
Welcome to the community.

One of your hosts here (me) is a Californian as well! I hope you find the information you need here and the support to help you not feel so alone.

Hi Brenda and welcome
I hope you get as much support from the forum as I do
You will find people here at most times of the day or night. Some use the excuse that they can't sleep (like me) others that they live in Australia.

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