Hi, this is my first time on the forum so i hope i dont ramble too much. I am 54yrs old and woz dx 8 years ago. I can hardly remember life before pd cos it does seem to be all-consuming, though I remain positive and know that physically i am better off than many. I woz a proofreader until 3 years ago when i took redundancy because my job woz being phased out and the alternative work offered woz not suitable for me. Now i dont feel able to go out to work due mainly to tiredness, balance, manual dexterity issues. However, Works& Pensions seem to think i would have no problems working. They're great are'nt they!! I am currently awaiting the outcome of a medical assesment by ATOS which i am 99% sure will go against me, but i will appeal
I take Sinemet at the moment though it is starting to lose some effectiveness even though the dosage has recently been increased. I also tried Ropinerole and Amantadine both were disastrous.
I am married, no kids. My hubbie is a landscaper and works long hours, but he is v good and helps me as much as he can. I also have a parrot which, as i speak, is trashing my kitchen so i have to sign off.
Hello Flossiebird,

Welcome to the forum, you will find plenty of friends on here with some helpful information and support.
My husband has had PD for almost thirty so we have been through many changes and adjustments, and I know what you mean by all consuming it is not a condition to be ignored and is always throwing something different at you to learn to live with.
I hope your parrot hasn't caused to much damage.
look forward to hearing from you again.
best wishes vivian
hi flossiebird,welcome to puk forum,im ali ive been dx for 11 half years im 43 years old,good friends to be made here on the forum,and lots of surport too.i also have a parrot ,her name is nelle,i have two love birds also,called george and mildred:laughing:.lovley to see another new person on the forum,hope to see you around ,take care x:smile: