Hello, everyone! Having read some of the entries in the Forum, I decided I'd like to become a participant. My PD was diagnosed in 2002, one month prior to my son's wedding. In retrospect, I can see that my symptoms actually began around mid-1998, but I did not recognize them at the time and sought no medical advice. When I noticed that my coordination at the piano was imperfect and that my hands moved unevenly when I was washing them, I consulted two neurologists.

The first told me flatly that I'd be in a wheelchair within ten years. The second offered me a prescription for Sinemet at that first appointment. Luckily, I declined and sought help elsewhere, a PD clinic at which I began receiving expert care. Meanwhile, I shared my diagnosis only with my husband, my mother, and my sister until after the wedding and all its festivities.

So I have had PD approximately 15 years. However, when I meet new people, they are always surprised to hear that I have the disease; for my symptoms are not marked. Any of you would recognize them, though: the curved position of my hands at rest, some difficulty with cutlery, slow movement in some activities. But I am far from that promised wheelchair yet.

I credit my condition to four factors: (1)frequent exercise in the form of hikes, gym workouts, and Tai Chi classes; (2)medications administered gradually over the years in minimum doses; (3)a positive attitude; and (4)just good luck in having a case of PD that moves slowly.

Recently I heard about the use of fasting to alleviate symptoms, and that is what led me to the Forum for more information. I look forward to learning from those of you who have more experience than I.
nice to meet you, always encouraging to see someone doing well after so long.
Hi J

Nice to have you with us on the forum. I know that you will enjoy meeting a great crowd of people with a wide and varied experience of the dreaded pd. Hope that you will enjoy life on the forum.
Thank you for your greetings, turnip and chunky. I know you're right: already I am meeting people and learning from them.
And kudos to the website designer. It's so well-organized and easy to navigate. J