I’m Allison. My lovely Dad, my superhero, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s 20 years ago when he was 58. He worked with PD up to his retirement age of 65. He’s 79 now and this disease is ravaging him. He was such a stocky, solid, strong man. My male friends used to be scared of him not because of his demeanour as he’s always been very gentle but due to how physically fit and stocky he was. His hands were like shovels is what I always remember one lad saying :smile: Now he is so frail. He’s 9 stone and like a shell of his former self. But yet he is still so strong with his fight against this disease. He needs a lot of help with everyday things but he still has his independence. He gets himself dressed. It might take him an hour but he’s doing it so that’s all that matters. He has been showing signs of confusion for some time now. He has episodes of delirium and hallucinations and then he will be back to normal again. It’s upsetting but at the same time it’s been quite comical as he’s come out with some corkers. He’s had a brain scan recently and now waiting on memory team specialists to test him for dementia. My lovely, kind and caring Dad. Life can be so cruel. Please god he doesn’t have dementia. Seeing my Dad deteriorate physically for 20 years has already been heartbreaking. I joined this site to get advise and ideas from other topics and have enjoyed reading the posts from others. Been very informative and comforting.

Hi Allison
Can feel the love you have for your dad. He’s lucky to have such a caring daughter. Sending you hugs and strength.

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Hi Allison, Pleased that you are reading the posts and seeing just what kind of people frequent it. We all try to give as much support to one another and put at ease those who are new to the disease to show them that there are ways of coping with it. Feel free to ask any questions and somebody will do their best to give you an answer.


Hello and welcome.