I am Sue Martin, I work for Parkinson’s UK as a Local Adviser and have recently volunteered to act as a moderator for this forum.


Hello Sue hope you are getting on ok with your new role. Be interested to know a bit about how it works have often wondered how moderators moderate if you see what I mean wouldn’t imagine it’s possible to read everything but on the other hand it is clear from responses that little is missed. Just curious.
Good luck anyway.

Hi. I’m Helen Clarke. I work as a local adviser and I have also volunteered to be a moderator of the forum.

Hi, Thank you for your message. To answer your question a moderator has to check all post while they are on duty to ensure everyone is playing by the rules. We also check any new application to ensure people are over 18 and not joining for commercial reasons. Its a very interesting role and I do enjoying reading all the posts it give me a good insight which helps in my other role as Local Adviser.


Goodness that’s a job and a half it’s a very busy forum but glad you are enjoying it. Thank you for your reply, much appreciated.

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