Hi im john im now 70 diagnosed pd in 2018 . Need to meet chat to others. I know we are at different stages need reassuring on many things wondered if any groups local meetings for chats

Hi John, welcome to the chat. My husband 53 is newly diagnosed Nov 2021. I’m always happy to hear other people’s stories and journeys so far. Are you happy to share yours on here with us?

A great bunch of people on here so I am sure you will hear from many more.

Hi John welcome to the forum. I’m a young 65, diagnosed 3 years ago.
For groups and support go to the Parkinson’s home page, click on the three horizontal lines on the right, don’t know why they haven’t just called it menu. Select information and support’, somewhere on that page you enter your postcode and it will eventually tell you of any groups in your area.
I go to a drop in centre once a month where we sometimes have a guest speaker, have a chat and cup of your favourite brew. I also joined a singing group just to keep my voice strong, not for any talent competitions. I have also signed up for a walk for Parkinson’s event in September.
So as you can see there are loads of things you can do.
There are lots of things on YouTube. Just search Parkinson’s. You could spend hours trawling through it, so narrow the search down by adding something like exercise, singing, events or whatever you want.
Hope I haven’t put you off, it can sometimes take time to find what interests you, so good hunting.