I am so glad to have found a forum so that I can share my experiences with helping to care for my Dad who has PD for the last 9 years. I hope this forum will help me to understand this disease better. I am a retired teacher and my Dad has recently moved to a care home near to my home.
Hello Buzz,

Welcome aboard. Nine years caring for someone is a long time. I looked after my in laws for the last seven years of their lives and boy oh boy did it stretch my resolve. I was diagnosed as a PWP just after the third year of them living with us. We do it because we love them and it is the right thing to do but it does put an awful strain on the relationships of all who live under the same roof. given my experience I would not wish myself on either of my children in my old age.
You have my total admiration.
Do tell us more please!
hi buzz welcome to puk forum,im ali been dx for 11 years im 43 years have deffo come to the rite forum it has so much surport and very good friends to be sorry your dad has got pd,and has had to go in a home now.if there is anything you would like to no about the disease buzz me self and many more members will be there for you:smile:
Hi Buzz
Sorry to hear about your dad and welcome to the forrum. Here you will find a great bunch of people who are well experienced in the effects of the dreaded pd.If things start to geet you down, just clock onto the forum and you will always find someone to cheer you up. all the best

Thank you all for your replies. I already feel amongst friends and am so glad I joined up.

Hi Buzz

Welcome to the forum. Hope you find it helpful I know I have thanx to the lovely folk here. As your dear father has Parkinson's you will know what a very cruel disease it is and we all hope that one day they will find a cure. I wish you well and look forward to seeing you on the forum if you feel the need to have a chat.

PB x
Hello Buzz,

Welcome to the forum, I am sure you will find everyone very friendly and supportive. Do look out the fact sheets on the PD web site, there are many helpful ones which will help you with both understanding the condition and general information.
My husband has had pd for almost thirty years and is still only 68 years old so we have been through many stages of this really difficult and complex condition. Please do share your concerns with others on the forum as this will give you some comfort when things become really difficult.
best wishes

My Dad is now 88.He has had a good life and has dealt with PD really well, usually adapting to all that has been thrown at him. Last year my Mum died and he could no longer cope in his own home particularly since he lived at least 100 miles from myself and my sister. We moved Dad to a residential home very close to my house and I visit every other day. He is often able to come out for lunch with us. All in all not too bad except that recently Dad has been suffering from delusions which are often unpleasant. Even when the actual delusion has passed he still believes them to be real.We have asked advise from the doc who is cutting down mirapexin to see if it is the meds causing this but thinks it may be the PD itself that is the problem. Has anyone got any advise on how I should deal with these? I try not to tell him that they are not happening as this makes him cross but I dont want to agree with them as I feel I am reinforcing that something bad is happening.This seems to be such a cruel development of PD. Would really appreciate your opinions or experiences. Thanks. Buzz
hi buz and welcome xx