Hello! My husband was dx 5 years ago, he is now 68. At that time he came out of retirement to work full time for a charity, in a place a few hours from home. He lived there during the week, and neglected to follow the regimen his dr put him on. Because his symptoms were mild, and he was so active and happy, we went into ostrich mode, burying our head in the sand. We wanted to enjoy the present, and deal with it later.That time is here now. R, my husband tends to be laid back about illness, though recently he has been following up on what the drs asked him to do. I want to learn more about what it is to suffer from pd, and how I can best help him. We have 2 great kids and a lovely grandson, no financial worries, so life has been generous with us. But pd is taking its toll in quality of life.
hi tara welcome to the forum,im ali been dx 11 years,im 43 years old.your words,i would like to no more about people who suffer with pd,so i can help my husband.tara,you carry on to say you got kids and no finacial best advice is do things togeather as a family,holidays,going for walks ,wot ever your hobbys are etc.parkinsons seems to attack us in different ways,we dont seem to be all the same,for example,i have a tremor some one may not and may have problems with another symtom more.i have started a thread called copeing with pd,in the health and well being,this expalins a little about wots its like,and wot is best to do,like lifting loose rugs off the floor,putting brite tape in doorways on the floor,to help stopping freezing so much etc.puk forum has a awful lot of surport tara,and the helpline is always there for you.i will say though there is alot to learn tsara,im 11 years in to pd,and still learnin new things still,but there is good freinds to be made on the forum,and everyone in the same boat and willin to help one another through this journey of ours.i would say read up some of the threads more to do with daily life,and health and wellbeing,im certain they will give you a beter idea .:smile:
Hello Tara,

I have been involved with a local branch of PUK for the past 5 years. Your story is a familiar one as many chooose to travel this journey alone. However for me being part of a branch has been the most rewarding. The comradeship and encouragement has been very uplifting. There are 127000 PWP's but only 38000 members of the Charity. We do not receive any statutory funding so Research and PUK, rely entirely on funds raised by it's members and donations.

Branches usually provide talks and outings and it is a great way to get to know others. Sadly Carers are often overlooked and in my opinion they appear to be left to their own devices. Perhaps it is because they are so busy providing help to their partner that they forget to look after their own wellbeing.

The Forum is a terrific place to learn about other individuals experiences and if you have a question you will be answered by someone who has been affected in the same way.

I wish you and your partner well and will be looking out for the lady named after a hill in Ireland.