Just wanted to introduce myself, been diagnosed for a year at 61 yrs old and nice to talk to other like minded folk with Parkies. It's enjoyable reading all your comments. I've got 3 lovely daughters, 3 granddaughters and just got a new lovely Grandson who support my wife Lesley and I and all make us laugh in life.

Still getting to play golf and tennis, on 10mg of Ropinirole slow release. Been also looking into alternative therapies for the tremors, including wearing blue sunglasses.

Hope you're all having a nice Sunday, off to plant some onions on the allotment.



blue sunglasses were originally claimed to stop dyskinesia , hant heard about tremors. good luck.

I take coconut oil, based on various research, summarised quite nicely here: it's about £6 a tub in supermarkets, or Costco do much bigger tubs which are significantly better value for money. You can cook with it, or add it to dishes (I take it with PIP Mix (next paragraph) and greek yoghurt.)

I also like the research links between inflammation in general, but in particular gut health and Parkinson's, so take PIP Mix from here:  - Andrew Carmichael runs this small charity and I have found him very approachable when it comes to questions and even sharing theories. PIPMix has taste issues, but where there's a will ...

I am inclined to accept that there's something in the hypothesis that fats are good for the brain, so I have started following a largely ketogenic diet: adding butter to veg has massively improved my enjoyment of what was already a pretty healthy diet. I love walnuts too, rumoured to be good brain food.

All of these are easily countered with contradictory hypotheses so it's a case of reading up and choosing that which you feel most comfortable with - I consider myself my own walking science experiment, as I don't necessarily have the 5 to 15 years medical science wants before committing to one argument or another.

Do what feels good, keep records, and share what you find.