Just wanted to introduce myself, been diagnosed for a year at 61 yrs old and nice to talk to other like minded folk with Parkies. It's enjoyable reading all your comments. I've got 3 lovely daughters, 3 granddaughters and just got a new lovely Grandson who support my wife Lesley and I and all make us laugh in life.

Still getting to play golf and tennis, on 10mg of Ropinirole slow release. Been also looking into alternative therapies for the tremors, including wearing blue sunglasses.

Hope you're all having a nice Sunday, off to plant some onions on the allotment.


Hello Julian. Welcome.

It's very friendly on here, with lots of support and advise. It's good to hear you are still so active, that really helps. Good luck with the blue sunglasses.


Well Blue is defiantly better than Red !!!!!!  and welcome to the forum Julian.


Hello Maddie & Billy! 

Thanks for the welcome!

Don't suppose you've tried the Blue sunglasses before? My daughter has bought me a pair, it's meant to relax your tremor when you wear them. Also tried coconut oil which is meant to be good for Parkies... but doesn't taste too nice! 

Have a lovely day,



Hallo. Good to meet you. I am not long diagnosed. I take Sinemet, which do suppress the tremors. I`ve never heard of blue sunglasses, but I am happy to try natural remedies. I am active, mainly looking after grand children and walking.

Good luck