Involuntary SLOW hand and finger movements

Dear All

I am a 68 year old woman due to see a neurologist next week with the above symptoms.  My hands and fingers do tremble but I don't seem to have other Parkinsons symptoms.  I am not particularly concerned - more intrigued.  I would however like to know if anyone with diagnosed Parkinsons has experienced slow involuntary hand and or finger movements at rest.  In fact my whole arm will move and my feet if I wait long enough but I can't emphasis enough how the movement is usually very slow and deliberate as if the finger is being pulled by a steady string.  My hand will curl inwards but my fingers and thumbs can go in any direction - a bit unnerving.  I expect it's something with no explanation and I know Parkinsons is difficult to diagnose in its early stages - my GP thinks it's just the way my body is ageing - but I would be very interested to hear if anyone has heard of, or experienced anything similar.  I do feel as if my whole body is juddering inside but as far as I am aware my head keeps still!   This has been going on for 2/3 years and I think is getting worse.

Thanks and regards to all.

For gods sake get  a new GP - yours is a moron or a liar. Hopefuly your neuro is better. Doesnt sound like PD to me but your neuro should be able to diagnose. good luck.


                                  My wife has PD and she has those symptoms along with  a few more, another sign is when writing her lettering will go smaller. If you do have PD it effects so many people in different ways. I hope i haven't caused you to worry but hopefully your neurologist can sort it out

                                 Good luck... Billywhizz

I have PD and finger movement issues … I call it ‘lazy fingers’. Sometimes the index or middle finger will droop down and press a key without my noticing … until I see a long series of the same letter typed. Or I will intend to click the mouse with my right index finger, and both the index and middle finger will curl down and click … Not sure if this is like what you see or not, but it’s another point of info for someone. My typing has slowed down a lot too …