iPhone for my aunt who has Parkinson's?

My aunt has had Parkinson’s for a number of years, and also has limited eyesight. She’s been using an Android phone for several years, but now her children and I are thinking about getting her an iPhone.

What iPhone have people used most successfully? Thank you.

Hi @misterb,

I wanted to take a moment and welcome you to the community! I’m sorry no one has stopped by yet to offer an opinion, but I do encourage you to browse the threads and post as much as you’re comfortable. Our members are quite helpful and knowledgeable, as you’ll soon learn.

With your aunt’s limited eyesight, you may want to consider an iPhone 12 or 11 Pro Max, as they offer the largest screens. You can then also adjust the size of icons and text and the screen’s zoom level, using the iPhone’s settings menu, to enhance visibility for her.

Depending on what features your aunt may need in a mobile device, you may also want to consider an iPad for similar reasons - a much larger screen for her to work with, as well as the option to purchase a stylus (Apple Pencil) to more easily interact with things on the screen. Many of our members find styluses to be quite useful when interacting with mobile devices.

You’re also welcome to call our helpline on 0808 800 0303 and ask our advisers if they know of any devices that the community finds particularly helpful, or even personal recommendations.

I hope this helps!

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