Ipinnia xl

Just been advised by Boots that ipinnia xl out of stock until December!!!

Had a job to get my prescription last month, and the ipinnia xl was the issue. The problem turned out to be the size of tablet. I was supposed to be on 2 x 3mg which they couldn’t get, but they could get 1x 6mg so had to get a new prescription. Just ordered a repeat so if any issues will let you know.

It’s the 6mg they can’t get here in Essex
Apparently Requip xl is available but local health service doesn’t like this prescribed as it is dearer.
Trying to get this instead so watch this space

Hi @Martin301254,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

Our helpline team have looked into this and have contacted the pharmaceutical company that produces Ipinnia XL and they’ve confirmed that they have run out of stock of this drug. They were expecting the 2mg and 4mg tablets to be available this week but they have not arrived. The 3mg and 6mg are due in stock on 16th November and the 8mg should be in stock on 8th Oct.

This, of course, isn’t ideal, however, we’d recommend that you go back to your GP or pharmacist and ask that he/she prescribe either Requip XL or a generic form of Ropinirole XL.

Please keep us posted on how you get on with this.

Best wishes,

Boots have got me Spirico xl as a replacement for ipinia xl. Hopefully this is as good as I will pick it up tomorrow
They say they are also out of Requip xl now
I will then have about 2 months stock of ropinerole xl but I must admit I am a bit worried as there appears to be a major problem looming