Ippinia success stories out there?

Just been prescribed this (as sole PD med).
People are more likely to post about negative experiences so it’s easy to find horror stories on the web but are there success stories out there?
Deciding whether to take it; kinda scared to take it and scared not to.
It would help my decision to know there’s hope it may help for a period at least… Thx

hi I had ropinirole (ippinia) as a sole med many years ago as first line treatment.
I had it alone for several years before sinemet was added.
Over 20 years since diagnosis am still taking it as part of drug regime
Hope this helps everything has its side effects but I found it was well tolerated

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there is hope then… if you could share any related info such as dosage history I’d be grateful.

hi Richard
I originally took ropinirole tablets but over time changed to the XL version
I do remember titrating the dose upwards and having some nausea with some of the increases.
Currently take ropinirole xl (prolonged release)8mg + 2mg in the morning and 8mg at teatime. I can’t remember when this dose was last changed ?more than 10 years ago.
Hope this helps