seemingly iron reduces the absorption of levadopa, so seafood, liver and iron supplements may reduce its efficacy. also produces those nasty free radicals.
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you are right iron does lower the meds but i was told by my pharmacist not to take the iron within two hours of taking my pd meds if they are two hours apart then it should be ok.
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Hi Turnip,

You post reminded me that I don't really understand the role of iron vs. ferritin in PD (in what concerns the nasty free radicals). In my case, I seem to have normal levels of iron but high levels of ferritin. And I wonder if those studies that look at PwP having too much iron really measured the level of iron or that of ferritin. Do you or anybody else have any insight into this?

Note that lots of (medically trained) people apparently assume that high ferritin always means high iron, but as inflammation also raises ferritin, i'm wondering if the problem of PD is really inflammation rather than high iron levels.

this is beyond my limited understanding of biochemistry but i understood that ferriten is the protein that encapsulates iron in cells as free iron is toxic - i would be grateful if anyone with a better understanding can improve on this.