Irritating Contributors

Who bugs you on this forum?
Hi Spam
what's the point of this question?
I doubt if you'll get a lot of replies to this as I for one could never identify who irritates me as I respect all contributors contributions to this forum.
I may be an irritating contributor to one or several people on this forum but I certainly do not want to know about it!
I did it only because it was mentiond on another thread. Not my idea!
The only person who "bugs me" is me. I feel I post too often and irritate people. I have gained much from each & every single member of this forum. Information that the medics either don't have or not the time to impart, some fun & a place to go in the middle of the night
Hi Spam
whats the point of this question?
I may irritate a few people on this forum but certainly wouldn't like to see my name mentioned.
I respect all contributors to this forum and if one or two irritated me - that's tough as they're entitled to their opinion