Is a new start possible while Parkinson's is still there?

In an attempt to recognise my situation and adapt to my disability I have moved into a bungalow; for example, I don't have to climb stairs, therefore saving energy for other things. It feels like a new start and a new opportunity. But, can there ever be a new start when I have to engage with old Parkinson’s? It’s as if I am dragging a tractor tyre around with me wherever I go and I can’t cut the rope.

However, it is important to remember that a new start is built on the past; when you start again you also "drag" your good qualities with you, the lessons you’ve learnt and the strategies to cope. Such things are always with you, helping to lift the tyre off the ground and lessening the burden of Parkinson's as you face new challenges.

A new start is never totally new, but that can be a good thing.