Is anyone on duodopa and willing to share their experience?

Hello everyone,

I work in the policy and campaigns team at Parkinson's UK and we're trying to ensure that duodopa (also known as Levodopa Carbidopa Intestinal Gel (LCIG) continues to be made available to all those who need it. To help us do this, we really need to speak to people who are currently on duodopa.  If you, or someone you care for, has been prescribed duodopa and it's made a positive impact on your life, please get in touch and let us know.

You can email me at [email protected] or my colleague Laura on [email protected] 

Thanks all, Morgan



                I sent you  a mail yesterday Morgan re  the  Duodapa system   did  you  receive it, it  has  been  helping me live  a normal, or  normalish life  for four yrs  on  10  04  17, of  course its not  a cure as  we  know, but  if  I was refused  the opportunity to partake in the great  Ddopa trials I WOULD NOT  BE  HERE  typing this post and I would recommend the sytem to anyone   system,  to  anyone it  even makes  me  smell  betta,,   nope  spell better,,  thats  it,

                                       Please contact if you wish


   AmI  I  the  only person in the forum to have  Ddopa   its made  me  think im priviledged  which of  course I am, so if I am the one  dont  you  want  to  speak  to  me   I feel hurt left out like  I used to feel when   dad  took me fishing, it  used  to take  me  ages to  swim bacck to shore, then I heard  Mam arguing with  him, "no no my sons nivver  ganin  doon  thr  pit , that hell hole is not claiming   my youngest  bairn now  listen av  gettin  him  a start on  monday doon  the asbestos factoty  noo  thats  mee  last  ward,  boy  waas   I glad,??,  so  Im  hear if  you  need  me


Well I would but I've not been accepted yet.    I'm wearing the wrist monitor for a week so the doctors can analyse the results then a bed has to be found, have the medication given through a nose tube and then, finally the implant inserted if I  react well to let it.

Can someone at please help me because the hospital have given two of their CDs to me about Duodopa but they won't play on my DVD player.  Is this something that you can help me with please.


many rhanks





Hi Casie, 

Sorry to hear you're having trouble with the CDs, have you tried playing them on your laptop or PC? If that doesn't work, perhaps it's worth getting in touch with the hospital to see what might be the problem with them.

Best wishes,


Moderation Team.

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